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The London Blitz began on 7 September 1940 and lasted until 10 May 1941.

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During World War 2. It was also bombed by the IRA 1n the 70's and 80's.

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In 1940-41 (from September to July).

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between 1940 and 1941 :) hope this helped

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Q: When was London heavily bombed?
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What cities in London was heavily bombed?

Most British cities were bombed during World War 2

Were children evacuated from colchester?

Yes , but very few as we were not in London / the heavily bombed areas

Which cities were badly bombed during the blitz?

London was bombed heavily in the early part of the war and Dresden, Germany was just about obliterated in Feb of 1945.

How do you say London has been heavily bombed in french?

"Londres a été lourdement bombardée"

Why was Liverpool evacuated in world war 2?

because Liverpool dock was a major site to bomb so food couldn't get in because Liverpool dock was a major site to bomb so food couldn't get in

Which city has been bombed the most in the twentieth century?

London, Berlin, Tokyo, Dresden, Stalingrad, were all heavily bombed during WW2. But none were destroyed as completely as the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 06 & 09 August 1945.

Why was London bombed so heavily during the Blitz?

because its is the capital and that's gonna be very busy and has the royals and big Ben also its gonna cos most torture

How many times was London bombed in the battle of Britain?

London was bombed almost every night during the Battle of Britain.

What cities were not bombed during the blitz?

Mostly places to the West and North... so - places like Cardiff Glasgow and Aberdeen...... Aberdeen was bombed , but not heavily. Clydeside was bombed heavily because of the shipbuilding and Cardiff docks were bombed.

What was the battle where Germany bombed London for months?

The London Blitz

Was Scotland ever bombed during World War 2?

Yes. Glasgow and surrounding areas, for example, were heavily bombed.

What southeast Asia city was heavily bombed in WW2?

Manila in the Philippines .