Why was coventry bombed?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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because Hitler wanted to rule over coventry and knew that he could not do it himself.

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Coventry was bombed by the German Nazi's in an attempt to destroy the factories there that were making war bombs, vehicles etc.

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Q: Why was coventry bombed?
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What UK cities were bombed in the Blitz?

The principal target in the Blitz was London. Coventry suffered concentrated attacks over several nights and there were also raids on seaports such as Liverpool and Portsmouth.

Why did coventry get bombed in the blitz?

What did Germany do to Britain?

Bombed our cities, including London, Coventry, Swansea, Hull and Birmingham. Coventry was almost destroyed.

When were Liverpool Manchester coventry Birmingham and belfast bombed in world war 2?

in the 1940s

In World War 2 what main cities were bombed?

London, Coventry, Liverpool, Manchester and lots more.

What roles did coventry play in the war?

coventry didnt play a part in the war, but the cathedral did get bombed and then people were very angry. but they sat down and played hit and run by the sipsons :) flabs2abs

How many cathedrals has coventry had in the last 1000 years?

Over 1000 years coventry has had 3 cathedrals including the one that was bombed by Nazis on 14th November 1945.

Which 2 cities were badly bombed during WW2?

uk - coventry, exeter, london germany - dresden and berlin

Where did england get bombed?

Most towns and cities, along with various rural houses and communities in England were bombed during World War II.

What happened to coventry during the blitz?

Coventry was bombed several times by the Luftwaffe. The most devastating attack occurred on 14 November 1940. On that day, 568 people were killed and 60000 buildings were destroyed.

Which English town or city were bombed the most in World War 2?

The worst bomed city in England was Coventry.

What major cities were bombed in World War 2?

There were quite a few major cities bombed during WW2 by all sides such as Tokyo , Berlin , London , Leningrad , Stalingrad , Cologne , Hamburg , Coventry , Dresden , Warsaw , Hiroshima & Nagasaki , etc . . .