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Brynamman school was first built in the year 1953.

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Q: When was brynamman school built?
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Is Brynamman a nice place to visit or live?

Yes, as a resident of Brynamman I think it is a beautiful place. It has plenty of things to do. There are many places to visit in the Amman Valley. If you're a nature lover then this is the place to be. It has natural beauty. There are over 200 villagers living in Brynamman. It has 5 pubs, 1 restaurant, 4 rugby pitches, 1 cinema and a historic outdoor pool. The cinema is a lovely 20th Century building which has a lot of history. Brynamman itself is a historic place. A successful school and many people to help you if your lost. A famous rugby player was born in Brynamman but grew up in Glanamman, Shane Williams. Also, Roy Noble was a Brynamman Boy. We as a community help as much as possible to make this village a part of a natural Welsh landscape. To the north of Brynamman (Carmarthenshire) is a main road that leads to the Brecon National Park which is a beautiful set of mountains that has a gorgeous view of Castell Carreg Cennen. To the south (Neath Port Talbot) is a main road which leads to Ammanford, Llanelli, Pontardawe, Swansea and Cardiff. It's the center of perfection. The ideal place to visit!!!

When was tincurrin school built?

The Tincurrin School was built in 1922

When was maypole secondary school built?

maypole school was built in 1678

What was the first school ever to be built?

the Mather Elementary School was the first school ever built

When was Puhinui School first built?

Puhinui school was first built in 1956.

When was Urbana High School built?

1876, after the founded died. They built this school as a memorial.

When was Fernhurst Junior School built?

Fernhurst Primary School was built in the 1960's

When was buckeye middle school built?

The new middle school building was built in 2002

When was the nobel school built?

The school opened in 1961 but it was called The Stevenage Technical Grammar School. In 1963 the name was changed to The Nobel School. The majority of the buildings we built in 1961 but other buildings have been built since. The school is now undergoing a rebuild programme which should be completed by the end of 2012.

When did Edison middle school become a middle school?

Edison middle school became a middle school when it was built. Because they built the middle school to become a middle school.

When was the first school built in Victoria?

it was built in 2010

How the school were built?

the school were made of stone,which its use to built it.The school were divide into field,canteen,classroom,office,computer laburaty and much more.