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Q: Which amendment was partially written to see that the government was always run by an able person?
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What is the purpose of the second amendment?

The second amendment was passed to ensure that the citizenry would always have the ability to oppose a tyrannical government.

Why do citizens need the first amendment of the US Constitution today?

The first amendment of the US Constitution has always been needed by citizens of the United States. The freedom of speech, press and religion are necessary to have a representative government.

Are rigid cnonstitution always written or unwritte why?

They are always written, because by writing down a Constitution you 'fix' its provisions. After that, a Constitution always is very hard to change or make Amendments to. And that makes it rigid.

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The amendment route to social change?

is, and always will be, extremely limited.

Why do scientists only partially fill high-altitude balloons?

BACON! Bacon is always the answer no matter what.

How did the 22nd amendment affect people?

makes people believe they can always be presidents

What was the voting age in the 14th amendment?

Before passage of the U. S. Constitution's 26th Amendment, the minimum voting age had always been 21.

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Do you always have the right to remain silent in court?

No.Added: If you do not wish to answer a question put to you in court you must plead the Fifth Amendment (self-incrimination) as the reason.The reason you don't always have the right to remain silent is that it comes from your right not to be forced to incriminate yourself under the Fifth Amendment. If the government promises you immunity from prosecution for any crime committed by you that would be revealed by your testimony, you no longer have the right to remain silent because you would not be incriminating yourself.

The original Constitution did not contain a Bill of Rights it did protect the individual right to?

Yes. The original constitution starts with the assumption that *ALL* power is held by the people, and *NO* power is held by the government. It then sets up a structure for government, and grants specific powers to the government. Any power NOT granted to the government is held by the people, or by the states. The Bill of Rights was added as an additional guarantee so that people who believed that government would take more power than it was granted would vote to ratify the constitution. Rights are always held by people. A government can infringe on those rights, can restrict them, but cannot take them away. Therefore it is technically wrong to say that, for example, the 1st Amendment GRANTS a right. It does not. That right was always there. The 1st Amendment GUARANTEES a right. The same for all of the amendments in the Bill of Rights that specificall