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United States: Ulysses S. Grant.The 18th President of the United States was Ulysses S. Grant from March 4, 1869 to March 4, 1877. Grant was elected to a second consecutive term in the November election of 1872. He was previously the head general in the civil war. He was born April 27, 1822 in Point Pleasant, Ohio; died July 23, 1885 in Mount McGregor, New York.

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In the US, ex-presidents John Tyler and Martin Van Buren both died in 1862.

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Q: Which president died in 1862
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What President died in 1862?

John Tyler died in January, and Martin Van Buren died in July.

What US president died in November 1861?

No US President died in 1861. The closest was January of 1862 when John Tyler and Martin Van Buren both died.

What state was John Tyler in when he died?

John Tyler, the tenth President of the United States, was in Richmond, Virginia when he died on January 18th, 1862.

In 1862 president Lincoln grieved along with the broken nation and in addition he grieved because?

his son had just died

When did Andrew Jackson's vice president die?

John Calhoun died on 1850 March 31st.Martin Van Buren died on 1862 July 24th.

Where was president John Tyler buried?

The 10th President of the United States John Tyler died on January 18, 1862 and was buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.

What did Benjamin Fracklin invent in 1862?

Benjamin Franklin is a well known inventor and statesman. He is also one of the few people who is featured on American currency who is not a former President. He did not invent anything in 1862 as he died in 1790.

Which son of Abraham Lincoln died while he was president?

William Wallace "Willie" Lincoln, on February 20, 1862, of typhoid fever. He was 11.

How old was the tenth president John Tyler When he became President and when he died?

He was born March 29, 1790. He took his oath of office April 6, 1841, when he was 51 years old, the youngest president up until then. He died January 18, 1862, at the age of 72.

What former president was elected to the confederate congress during the civil war?

John Tyler Tyler died in 1862 without ever taking his seat

Which president had the largest number of children?

John Tyler (1790-1862) with 15. He had his last child, Pearl Tyler, when he was 70 years old. She died in 1947.

How old was someone that was born in 1850 and died in 1862?

If he passed away before his birthday in 1862, then he was 11. If it was after his birthday in 1862, then he was 12.