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Total of seven states has only one elected member in the United States House of Representatives. Here are the seven states: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming.

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Vermont only has one Representative.

California has the most, 53.

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Vermont has only one representative.

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Q: Which state has the least reps?
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Qualifications to be in the house of reps?

You must be at least 25 years of age and live in the state that you represent.

What state has the fewest reps in the house of reps?

Mr. Steele says 1.

How many state reps does wi have in Madison?

There are 99 reps in WI but 3 seats are currently vacant.

How many senators how many represenatives in congress?

two senatos per state ans 435 reps. Reps depend on the populatioon in each state!!:) Your welcome

What is the residence requirement for the US representatives and senators?

Both must live in the state they wish to represent, and Senators must be a resident of the US for at least 9 years and Reps a resident of the US for at least 7 years.

Which state is largest in population and has most reps?


How many reps does each state have?

The count is determined by population of each state.

Why do some state have more members in the house of representatives?

Because each state's number of members in the house is based on that states population. In example the # of house reps in california will be more then the # of reps for the state of rhode island

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Tennessee state reps?

There are 99 in the State House and 9 in the 111th US House.

How many representitives does a state need?

2 Reps. are needed.

How long do you have to live in a state to be in the house of reps?

doug sodders