Who built the conciergerie?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Philippe the Fair (1284-1314)

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Q: Who built the conciergerie?
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Why was la conciergerie built?

It was built as a Palace for the King.

When was la conciergerie built?

early 14th century

Who built la conciergerie?

Philippe the Fair (1284-1314)

The conciergerie is now know as the what?

it is now as a museum

Why did Marie Antoinette get put into the La Conciergerie?

Because the Assembly wanted her to be put on trial. In the Conciergerie prison there was also a council where the Assembly would be doing just that. Also, everybody allready knew the death penalty would be imposed on her and the conciergerie was condidered death row.

What is la Conciergerie in Paris France constructed of?


Who occupied the La conciergerie originally?

Van Leeuwenhoek

What are the ratings and certificates for Doctor Who - 1963 Prisoners of Conciergerie 1-42?

Doctor Who - 1963 Prisoners of Conciergerie 1-42 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG UK:PG

Where is La Conciergerie in France?

la conciergerie is on the ile de la cité in the center of Paris, on the back of the sainte-chapelle. You see it best from the right bank of the Seine river.

What was the conciergerie used for?

It was a palace for the Kings, which was turned into a prison and now is a tourist attraction.

What famous object can you see in the conciergerie in Paris?

The room where Marie Antoinette was held prisoner...

What was the conciergerie in A Tale of Two Cities?

The Conciergerie in A Tale of Two Cities is a prison in Paris where many characters, including Dr. Manette and Charles Darnay, are held during the French Revolution. It is depicted as a place of harsh conditions and injustice, where prisoners await their fate at the guillotine.