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Grover Cleveland was the mayor of Buffalo, New York before he was President.

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Grover Cleveland had been a Mayor of Buffalo (January-November, 1882, the year he was elected Governor of New York).

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Q: Who was mayor of Buffalo NY before becoming president?
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Where did president Cleveland live before becoming president?

As Governor of New York, he lived in Albany; prior to that he lived in Buffalo, New York as Erie County Sheriff and Mayor of the city.

what was grover cleveland's jobs before becoming president?

In 1881, Cleveland was elected mayor of Buffalo and later, governor of New York.

What were Grover Clevelands jobs before becoming president?

lawyer, mayor, Governor of New York

What did Grover Cleveland do for a living before he was President?

Grover Cleveland was a lawyer, the sheriff of Erie County, Mayor of Buffalo and the Governer of New York.

What was Andrew Johnson before becoming president?

Johnson was a tailor before he entered politics. As a politician he was an alderman, a mayor, TN state representative, a TN state senator, governor of TN, a US Congressman, a US senator and vice-president before becoming president.

Was Calvin Coolidge a sheriff before president?

no. Grover Cleveland was sheiff of Buffalo. I think he was the only sheriff to become President. Coolidge was mayor of Northampton, Mass.

What did Sarah Palin do before she was mayor and how long did she do it?

Before becoming mayor, Sarah Palin served on the Wasilla City Council from 1992 to 1996.

Did Grover Cleveland hold any political offices before he ran for president?

yes. He was previously the governor of New York and the mayor of Buffalo.

In what New York city did President Cleveland serve as mayor?

Grover Cleveland was the 34th Mayor of Buffalo New York.

Did Grover Cleveland have any accomplishments before his presidency?

Mayor of Buffalo New York Sheriff of Buffalo New York Governor of Buffalo New York

Who is the mayor of Buffalo New York?

Byron Brown is the current mayor of Buffalo, NY.

What was grover clevelands job before being in office?

In a four year period, Cleveland was Sheriff of Erie County, NY, mayor of Buffalo, NY, Governor of New York State and President of the United States.