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Pat Brown (born Edmund Gerald Brown on April 21, 1905 in San Francisco, California; died February 16, 1996 in Beverly Hills, California) succeeded Goodwin Knight as the thirty-second Governor of California, serving between January 5, 1959 and January 2, 1967, including the whole of 1966.

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Q: Who was the governor of California in 1966?
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When was Edward G Brown Jr Governor of California?

1962 - 1966

Which American film actor was governor of California from 1966-1974?

Ronald Reagan

What Is California Headed By As Governor?

California is headed by a governor. The current governor of California is Jerry Brown.

Who was the California Governor in 1890?

Robert Waterman was the 17th Governor of California.

Who is the head of California's government?

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger The current Governor of California is Jerry Brown. He was the 34th and is now the 39th governor of California. He is the only governor to serve twice as a California Governor. He was first elected in 1975 and he served until 1983. He was recently elected Governor of California again in 2011.

What events happened in 1966?

In 1966 Mao launched the Cultural Revolution in China. I am sure that did a lot for culture. Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California in 1966. First Apollo test flight successful. LBJ talks about winning the Vietnam war.

Who was governor of California in 1966?

Edmund G. Brown, Sr. He was defeated for re-election in November of that year by Ronald Reagan, who took office in January 1967.

Who is a governor in California right now?

The Governor if California is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Who Was acting before becoming president?

Ronald Reagan was famous as a movie star before being elected Governor of California in 1966 then President of the United States in 1980.

Who elect the governor of California?

the people elect the governor

Who was the last governor to be recalled in California?

There has been only 1 governor to be recalled in California history. This governor is former governor Gray Davis.

Which President served as Governor of California before his presidency?

Ronald Reagan was governor of California before he was president.