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There were three Seminole Wars. The dates of the First have varied depending upon the information source. But most sources have settled on 1817-1818. The dates of the Second were 1835-1842. The dates of the Third were 1855-1858. The Second lasted the longest. So it has come to be ka The Seminole War. During its course, four presidents held office: Andrew Jackson, who had served in the First, 1829-1837; Martin Van Buren, 1837-1841; William Henry Harrison, 1841-1841; and John Tyler, 1841-1845. In addition, Zachary Taylor, who served as Colonel during its course, went on to hold office as President 1849-1850.

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Q: Who were the four presidents that were in the Seminole War?
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The Seminole war was fought in Florida. :-)

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