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Totalitarian nations are ruled by force by a dictator or a small group of individuals that have created a ruling party. There can be no other political parties except their own, such as in the world of Nazi Germany. Keeping rebellious populations from rebelling is not always an easy job. With that said state sponsored terrorism keeps the enslaved peoples in place.

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they fight bad people and destroy monsters

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Full control of the fried chicken industry. They literally grab it from everyone.

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Q: Why did terror matter to totalitarian states?
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System using terror to intimidate is called?

States like Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia which used terror systematically to intimidate and control their citizens are called "totalitarian". The answer is not "terrorism" which does use terror to intimidate people but is not a system. More of a technique.

What is the role of terror in the totalitarian?

they fight bad people and destroy monsters

Why are totalitarian states susceptible to failure and or collapse?

Totalitarian states depend on the authority of one leader (through its military and advisers) being able control completely. The fact of the matter is, there are far more people in the citizenry that the leaders are simple outnumbered.

What meathods did Stalin use to create a totalitarian state?

the use of violence and terror to control his population

How did leaders of totalitarian feel about using force against people and nations they considered their enemies?

Totalitarian government controls everything, using terror to suppress individual rights and silence opposition. People who disagreed with Hitler were silenced, beaten, or killed.

Which forms of government is best characterized by one party rule censorship and the use of terror to maintain power?


Which form of government is best characterized by one party rule censorship and the use of terror to maintain power?


Who was the first totalitarian communist dictator of the US?

The United States has never had a totalitarian communist dictator.

How is the economy of totalitarian govern states?

It is a Planned Economy

Which was a weapon of totalitarianism?

Police Terror, Propaganda, Censorship, Religious Prosecution, & Indoctrination

What are the major differences between totalitarianism and authoritarianism?

Answer this question…Citizens in totalitarian states have less personal privacy.

Who is the war on terror between?

the war on terror is between the United States and Iraq