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unmarked graves are often the results of a war or conflict where bodies would be found but would not of been identified. if they could not be identified then they would most often be given a unmarked grave.

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Q: Why do people have unmarked graves?
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How many pages does Unmarked Graves have?

Unmarked Graves has 288 pages.

When was Unmarked Graves created?

Unmarked Graves was created on 2007-08-02.

How many people died in the Klondike Gold Rush?

There is no way to know. Many people were buried in unmarked graves.

What happened to the Jews that died?

Sadly, many were buried in unmarked mass graves.

How many unmarked graves were in world war 1?

thousands but the exact number in unknown

How many unmarked 1889 flood victim graves are in Grandview cemetery in Johnstown Pa?

There are 777 graves in the "Unknown Plot" of the Grandview Cemetery in Johnstown Pa. All 777 are unidentified victims of the 1889 Johnstown Flood.

How many people have Graves Disease?

approximately 703,555 people in the US have graves disease

Did people dig their own graves so that Nazis just shoot them durning the holocaust?

Some people did dig their own graves, and did get shot and buried in those graves.

How do you identify an unmarked acoustic guitar?

you don't - its unmarked

Where did people get buried when they died in the civil war?

Yes. Most Civil War soldiers were burried in mass graves. These mass graves were simply hastily dug trenches, maybe 4-5 feet deep at the maximum. The dead were then cast into these trenches and covered with soil. Mass graves were typically left unmarked, or if they were marked, very little information was left, basically leaving the dead soldiers as 'anonymous'. Some soldiers had the priveledge of being given a proper burial, but they were in the minority. After a major battle resulting in thousands of deaths, the main objective was not to mark who exactly had died, but to simply dispose of the bodies and move on.

Why is it so difficult to know how many people died in World War 2 and how much it cost?

It is difficult to tally the dead in WW2 because quite a few died in concentration camps, buried in unmarked graves, burned, used in human experiments, ect. As for the cost? How do you put a price on a human life?

How and where did the royal family live after Nicholas II was forced to give up the throne?

The family was arrested and taken to a house in a remote area away from St. Petersberg. There they were held and then taken into the cellar and shot. The family was buried in unmarked graves. A few years ago the graves were found and now they have been given a state burial and funeral.