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so that they could get enough supply of fresh water.....

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Water power.

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Q: Why were New England factory towns built near rivers?
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Why were you England factory towns built near rivers?

Rivers supplied water as a resource, water power in the form of water mills and transport for goods.

Why were towns built by the silk road?


Many medieval towns were built near what geographic feature?

rivers and waterways

Why did people in early day of our country were many towns built nere oceans or rivers Explain why?

The reason why many towns in the early days of the country were built near oceans or rivers was so they could get supplies. Supplies came by water way and living close to water meant getting supplies were easier.

What are towns close to factories called?

factory towns

Why are most towns close to rivers and streams?

Because many years ago people needed to be near a water supply in order to sustain life and a lot of cities are built upon old towns and villages and such

Why towns develop near rivers?

Easier access to trade routes, fresh water, faster transportation, hydroelectric power can be built there, easy access to the ocean,

What did the pilgrim fathers do in the New England Colonies?

They built forts and farmed until the women came when they made families, which lead to towns.

What towns in England end in cistern?

There are no such towns.

What towns in England begin with cab?

There are no towns or cities in England that begin with the letters 'Cab'.

What are the names of towns built by the poor in the 30s?

Shanty Towns

What resources do people in Libya use to move from one place to another?

this may not be the right answer but i believe they built cites and towns near water sources like oasis or rivers