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rivers and waterways

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Q: Many medieval towns were built near what geographic feature?
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What was the result increased trade?

Cities were built(most places in medieval Europe was towns)

Why were medieval towns built within stone walls?

that way the town could be protected from invaders

Where did they had there medieval feast?

in medieval towns

In medieval daily life how were towns independent?

Medieval towns were independent by buying a royal charter.

Why were medieval towns so crowded?

Medieval towns were crowded because serfs wanted more freedom and moved out of the manor land to towns.

Why did medieval towns reappear?

... ..........

What were medieval towns vehicles?

Some medieval towns transportations were wagons or carriages. Some people just walked.

Which geographic features were medieval towns built near?

Near rivers or streams so that it was hard for people to attack the land or the kings castle inside. They would have to cross the river which was hard, so with a stream and a big hill for the main building so that it was hard to get in and attack the building (erg the kings castle.)

Who dominated the economic and political life of medieval towns?

Merchant guilds dominated the economic and political life of medieval towns.

Where do towns get their names from?

Usually town names come from an important person who lived in the area. They might also be named after something like a geographic feature that might describe the area.

Were medieval towns private?


What towns did the volcano Ganesa Macula destroy?

Ganesa Macula is a geographic feature on Saturn's moon Titan and not a volcano. Therefore, it has not destroyed any towns.