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They wore chitons and himations. They were clothes that were pinned at the waist and shoulders.

Young girls also used to dress up all white and celebrate their youth, waiting for the first blood of menstruation to colour their white clothes.

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Ancient Greek deities had many human-like attributes, and goddesses often wore the clothing of ordinary Greek women. The objects carried by each deity helped define the deity.


Most Greek goddesses wore a simple chiton. Usually made of linen, it bore some resemblance to a modern sleeveless gown. The cloth usually draped to the ankle, but not always. For example, Artemis, the goddess of hunting, wore a skirt that draped just below her knees.

Head Wear

Greek goddesses often wore tall, cylindrical headdresses called a polos. But Athena, the goddess of war, wore a bronze infantryman's helmet. Hera wore a diadem, symbolizing her status as queen of the gods.


When the feet of Greek goddesses weren't covered by the chiton, they were generally barefoot or wearing sandals. Artemis, however, wore hunting boots that covered her feet and ankles entirely.


The Greeks were a warlike people and their goddesses carried weapons. Athena carried a spear, wore a helmet and even had body armor in some depictions. Selene, the lunar goddess, sometimes carried a spear. Artemis carried a bow, and many Greek goddesses rode chariots.

Other Sacred Items

Greek deities carried a special set of symbolic items. For example, Aphrodite's girdle caused men to fall hopelessly in love with her. Harmonia, the goddess of concord, had a cursed necklace that brought misfortune to its wearer.

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They wore some cloth but not a lot of them didn't really ware lots of clothing because a lot of people don't have lots of money unless they were rich. They wore togas.

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they wore long stylish tunics.

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Q: What did ancient Greece girls wear?
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