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Mankinds first deployment of "helicopter borne" infantrymen into conventional battle against a determined foe on a massive scale.

After which the US Army's "Airmobile Divisions" were firmly established.

Note: WWII created the US Army's "Airborne Divisions." (Paratroopers).

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The overview of the Battle was the first experimental use of the US Army's new "Airmobile Divisions" in combat, in 1965 (equated to the US Army's new "Airborne" Divisions during WW2); secondly, it was the first large scale conventional battle between US Army regulars and NVA regulars; third: although the GI's were still wearing stateside (peace time) army uniforms during the battle (standard fatigues and black leather boots-instead of rip stop jungle fatigues and green canvas spike resistent jungle boots), they did turn in their standard issue M-14 rifle prior to departure from the United States and were issued the new experimental M-16 assault rifle...which was used by the infantrymen during the battle. Note: The film (movie) titled "We Were Soldiers..." starring actor Mel Gibson shows only one half of the fight (one US Army battalion). The actual battle had approximately 300 GI's killed during the 3 days of fighting...involving TWO US Army battalions.

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What happened at the battle of ia drang was that general hal Moore and other U.S. soldiers went to the ia drang valley to attack north vietnames soliers.

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Q: What happened at the battle of la drang?
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3 days.

What effect did the battle La Drang have on American in Vietnam?

Resulted in the permanent establishment of US Army Airmobile Divisions. Ia Drang was the US Army's first official Airmobile Division battle .

Battle of la drang?

The Battle of Ia Drang was fought from November 14 to November 18, 1965 between the United States and North Vietnam. The result of the battle was inconclusive, with both sides claiming victory.

Who caused the battle at la Drang valley?

The new experimental "air cavalry" was looking for a fight; the NVA accepted the challenge.

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