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History comes from an era of writing. Prerhistory from when there was no written record.

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Q: What is the difference between Prehistory in a ancient history?
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What is significant difference between prehistory and history?

The difference is that prehistory and history aren't the same definition and word

What is the significant difference between prehistory and history?

The significant difference between prehistory and history is prehistory is history to old people that has happened now for example and iPhone is problaly an artifact to very old people.

What is difference between prehistory and history?

prehistory- is before the written word, where most of the stories where passed down orally. history- began when civilizations, invented writing and could record events.

What is the diference between history and prehistory?

History is the period when man learnt to write and prehistory is the period when man could not write.

What are the four long periods of history defined by western societies?

Prehistory, Ancient History, Middle Ages, Modern History.

How are history and prehistory are alike?

prehistory is before and history is now

How do you compare recorded history with prehistory?

Recorded history is history that has already happened and prehistory is history that is about to happen.

What are the eight categories of history?

In history, the ages are broken down to Prehistory, Ancient, Post Classical, and Modern. These are further broken down into Prehistory, The Bronze, Iron and Middle Ages, theÊDark Ages, the Renaissance, the Late Modern period, and Contemporary history.

What ended prehistory?


What are the three sources of history?

History, Oral history and Prehistory.

What are prefixes to the word history?


What is the root word prehistory?


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