What are some spanish artists?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Enrique Iglesias, David Archuleta.

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Q: What are some spanish artists?
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What are some famous artists?

Diego Rivera was a Spanish muralist!

What are some Spanish male artists?

Enrique Iglesias, David Archuleta.

Spanish Inquisition effects in the art?

Some artists captured the spectacle of the Auto De Fe which was staged to get the most reaction out of onlookers. One of the best known of these artists was Francesco Rizzi. Spanish Inquisition paintings usually depict some form of torture and execution.

Which artist is not Spanish?

All French, English, Italian, American...... artists are not Spanish.

Who are some Spanish and English recording artists?

Alex Campos, Jennifer Lopez, Marcos Witt, Mark Anthony, Funky.

Do wisin and yandel speak a lot of English?

Wisin and Yandel are Puerto Rican artists who primarily sing in Spanish. While they may speak some English, their music is largely in Spanish.

What are the names of 2 famous spanish artists?

Goya and Dali

What has the author Ann Livermore written?

Ann Livermore has written: 'Pop-up books' 'Artists and aesthetics in Spain' -- subject(s): Artists, Psychology, Spanish Aesthetics, Spanish Art

What are some very highly-acclaimed Spanish guitar music?

Highly-acclaimed Spanish guitar music comes from artists like Juanes, Reik, and others. Playing a guitar with a Spanish sound isn't the easiest task after all.

Does Celine Dion have a spanish language version of Because you loved me?

No. Other artists have performed the Spanish-language version.

What are the names of spanish art?

There are no names of Spanish Artists, because none exist. As conquerers, the Spainards stole art from other cultures. Lacking imagination and creativity, the Spanish have never had artists. When anyone showed a propensity for artistic creation, they were slaughtered or burned at the stake for heresy.

What is some stuff artists do?

Some artists make drawings, others paint, some make sculptures or installations. All those are pictorial artists. Then there art artists in music, in circuses and other kinds.