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His own self.

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Q: What inspired Egon Schiele's self portrait?
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What does Michiko Kon Self Portrait mean?

Michiko Kon is a Japanese photographer, and a self portrait is a portrait of oneself!

When was Self-portrait - Chassériau - created?

Self-portrait - Chassériau - was created in 1835.

Was Picasso's first self portrait in 1896?

That was his first self portrait in oil.

When was Self Portrait - Kramskoi - created?

Self Portrait - Kramskoi - was created in 1867.

When was Camouflage Self-Portrait created?

Camouflage Self-Portrait was created in 1986.

When was Self-portrait - Giorgione - created?

Self-portrait - Giorgione - was created in 1510.

What is the name of the small and big self portrait of Cezanne?

They are both called Self Portrait.

When was Self-Portrait with Palette - Manet - created?

Self-Portrait with Palette - Manet - was created in 1879.

When was Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers created?

Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers was created in 1913.

What are some self portraits of Salvador Dali?

''Self-Portrait in the Studio' ca 1919. 'Self-Portrait with Raphaelesque Neck' 1921-1922 'Self Portrait with L'Humanite' 1923 'Cubist Self Portrait with La Publicitat' 1923

Who painted Marianne Von Werefkin's self portrait?

A self portrait is a painting done by yourself of yourself, if you mean portrait, Gabriel Munter painted a portrait of Marianne in 1909

What are the release dates for Self Portrait - 2013 I?

Self Portrait - 2013 I was released on: USA: June 2013