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Cesar Buenaventura is a landscape impressionist that hailed from Tondo, Manila in the Philippines. His largest painting is 'The Roman Times', an oil on canvas artwork with a size of 35' x 83'.

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Q: What is the largest Cesar Buenaventura oil painting?
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What style of painting is Picasso's Guernica?

It is an oil painting, expressing Picasso's anger at the bombing of the town of Guernica.

What is Rembrandt's largest oil painting?

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Hi what is value for Teodoro Buenaventura oil canavas painting?

Hi, you can check it out i believe the seller has the same size as your painting of Cesar buenaventura. regards, jel Hi. I have an old Cesar Buenventura painting myself and did a fair bit of research on it. First, Cesar Buen(a)ventura is one of the best known Mabini masters and his works always were and are getting more and more popular. Mabini is a street in Manila, where artists sell their works, much like Montmartre in Paris. Mabini artists were always put down by the critics though until recently for being commercially oriented. Cesar was the most successful of all Mabini artists. His pictures were always the best sellers and set the trend for Mabini art. His paintings are eye-catching and sought after these days. Frank Sinatra had many Cesar's painting in his art collection. Some of Cesar's paintings are wery elaborately executed and are of museum quality. There is an art gallery in Manila that sells lots of Cesar's works and price them according to it's size. 9x12' cost around US$500 there. BUT a word of caution: I've seen lots of poorly made paintings on eBay signed Buenaventura, which I assume are fakes. Labour in Philippines is still fairly cheap and faking picture for a sake of a couple of hundred dollars is still a handsome idea for some there. So you can never tell if you're getting a real thing (unless you're an expert) if buying painting now from the Philippines. Cesar died in 1983 and though he painted a lot, his works are in limited supply. One of his works was sold by Christies in 2000 see and after that and several articles in the media, his name became wider known outside of Philippines and his works became sought after, which made them an attractive object for being faked. I've heard that some of Cesar's works were bought in 60-s and 70-s from him by various Philippines officials and companies and presented to their foreign friends and partners and taken off the country. Also they were gladly bought by the foreigners from his Mabini studio. So one can now find Cesar's paintings in the US and Australia and other unexpected places. So my assumption is that if your painting is original (it well may be if it is not a recent buy from the Philippines) and is well executed it may cost some substantial bucks and will only grow in price in future.

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