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Q: What is the name of the painting stand?
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What is the name for an artists stand?

The stand for an artist's painting is called an easel. It may be referred to as a tripod, which is the usual form.

What is the birth name of Josh Painting?

Josh Painting's birth name is Joshua Wesley Painting.

What is the birth name of Norman Painting?

Norman Painting's birth name is Norman George Painting.

What is the name for the elephents style of painting?

What is the name for the elephants style of painting

What does aid stand for after a painting artist?

Anal Injected Death

What name is there for a painting from the American Civil War?

Its a painting

How do you find an artist to a painting by the paintings name?

Very often you can just google the name of the painting and find the artist. what if you don't have a title on your painting?

What is another name for a 3-D painting?

another name for a 3-D painting is a parralelagraph

What is the name for painting not in a studio?

Outdoor painting or Plein air.

What was the name of the painting that took Seurat 2 years to paint?

The moscaroprareto Painting

Why was Mona Lisa picked to be the Mona Lisa?

I think you misunderstand the painting. The painting is not like a part in a film o.r tV, but the name comes from the name of the woman who sat for the painting. The painting was commissioned to be painted. It was a paid job.

What is the term which piet mondrian created to stand for his style of abstract painting?