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LS Lowry.

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Q: Who is the famous artist that creates stylized stick figures?
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What is L.S. Lowry famous for?

L.S.Lowry was an Enlish artist best known for his works of match stick figures.

Who is the talented known for his huge inflated looking figures?

If you are talking about the famous visual artist that depicts figures as "huge inflated looking" you are probably referring to Botero.

What artist illustrated the historical figures on the US's paper money?

Nevermind. It seems that they are based on famous portraits by various artists.

Who are some Famous Aboriginal Artist?

A famous aboriginal artist was Albert Namatjira.

Is Selma Burke a famous artist?

Yes, Selma Burke is a famous artist.

Who is the most famous artist of israel?

Jamal Ahmed is the famous artist in israel

Who is the most famous artist in 2012?

Damien Hirst is probably the most famous living artist. Rembrandt is often cited at the most famous artist overall.

Is there a famous Aboriginal artist?

Yes. The most famous aboriginal artist was Albert Namatjira.

Who is a famous artist in Venezuela?

A famous past artist of Venezuela is DAB who is me

Who is a famous Canadian artist?

Justin bieber is a famous Canadian artist he s from stratford onterio

When did michelangelo become a famous artist poet and architect?

he became a famous artist in about 1490-1492.

Why was grant wood famous?

he was a famous artist