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They were some of the largest and grandest buildings

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Q: Was true about Roman Catholic cathedrals during the Middle Ages?
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Is it a Roman Catholic chapel or Roman Catholic church?

There are Roman Catholic churches, basilicas, chapels, cathedrals, etc.

How were the Roman Catholic cathedrals during middle ages?

A cathedral is a church having the seat of a bishop. It is the site of the administrative center of a diocese, which is a geographical grouping of smaller churches. Cathedrals are usually very large churches, and often very grand. During the Middle Ages there were several types of cathedrals. Most important of these in Europe are the Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic styles. There are links below to pictures showing cathedrals of these styles.

Was the roman catholic church a gothic cathedral?

There were many Gothic Style Cathedrals in the Catholic Church.

What did the roman catholic church provide during the middle ages?


The roman catholic church during the middle ages in Europe can best be described as a church that?

The Roman catholic church during the middle ages in Europe can best be described as a church that was a stable influence. This was during a time where central governments were weaker.

Who held intellectual power during the middle ages?

the Roman Catholic Church.

What led to the roman catholic church's power during the middle ages?


Religious institurion that was very powerfull during the middle ages?

Roman Catholic Church

Was Protestant or Roman Catholic the main religion in the Middle Ages?

Catholicism was the predominate religion during the Middle Ages.

Who provided the most financial support for musicians and composers during the middle age?

The Catholic Church

What institution is largely responsible for the development of music during the Middle Ages?

The Roman Catholic Church

During the middle ages the largest and most powerful religion is western Europe was the?

Roman Catholic