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Almighty Vice Lord Nation Statement

... As a AVLN, I Lord swear with my life to never dishonor our most serious weapon, meaning Lord unity. Never under the threat of death will i deny those who stand beside me, nor will I be denied. As a righteous AVLN, I Lord _____ swear with my life to listen well to the teachings of the elites and supreme elites and can only be received through teachings.

5 points of the golden star love,truth,peace,freedom,justice. almighty

Nation Symbols

5 Point Star:

Symbolizes the 5 Meanings all brothers are to live by Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

Cane: The staff of Strength. Also means that we must Aid one another in the trying times.

Glove: Purity or 5 Stars. palms up high to show our people we mean no harm.


P-Boy Bunny: The symbol of our swiftness how we are swift in thought, silent in action and smooth

. We move swiftly, silently, & smoothly.

Dollar Sign: The money we make.

Dice: The gamble that we, as VL'S take every day . The dice also represents the unlimited hustle on any and all levels that we demonstrate for our almighty nation All Vice Lords are hustlers. No Lord is to do without. We have the swiftness to take nothing and turn it into something.

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Who Eva dis is ur a internet gangsta haha 5OLID

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The Vice Lord knowledge just means common sense knowledge that anyone claiming Vice Lord should know.

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Common sence

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Spainish vice lord

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Q: What is a vice lords knowledge?
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The Vice Lords started in 1958 & the Gangster Disciples started in the 1960' VICE LORDS started first......

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The Unknown Vice Lords prayer is a set of words or phrases recited by members of the Unknown Vice Lords gang as a way to show loyalty and solidarity to the gang. It is not a publicly known or shared prayer, as gang rituals and practices are typically kept confidential within the gang.

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Vice Lords

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vice lords and latin kkings been beefin since the 90's and they still goin at it. -Lord A

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''All Is Well'' is a term that Vice Lords use with one another.

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Mostly at this age, Lords are just a ceremonial title.