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Cathedrals were built as testimonies to god's power on Earth.

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Q: What was one of the main contributions of the middle ages to Christianity?
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What was one of the main contributes of the middle ages of Christianity?

Cathedrals were built as testimonies to god's power on Earth.

What was the main form of Christianity in the middle ages?

In the Middle Ages the whole of Western and Central Europe was Catholic. Eastern Europe, Greece and much of modern Turkey was Orthodox. roman catholic when the church took over.

What were the main contributions from the Middle Ages to Christianity?

Corruption, abuse and ineptitude. These factors led to the Reformation which resulted in a split in the Catholic Church between Catholics and Protestants. This directly led to the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) during which millions died.

Was Protestant or Roman Catholic the main religion in the Middle Ages?

Catholicism was the predominate religion during the Middle Ages.

What was the main economic machine in the middle ages?


What was the main religion of Baghdad in the middle ages?


What was the main ruler of China in the middle ages?

the centimetre ruler

What beliefs did people have in the Middle Ages?

For the most part in the middle ages the main religion was Christian, but it all depends on the culture and/ or country you go to.

What was the main type of government during the dark ages?

Kingdoms were the form of government during the Middle Ages

What are the 3 main religious groups in the middle east?

The three main religious groups in the Middle East are Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Islam is the largest religion in the region, followed by Christianity and Judaism. Each of these religions has deep historical and cultural roots in the Middle East.

Why were murals important in the Middle Ages?

They were important because it was the main form of Art.

Where was the main place that educated and learning were carried on during the middle ages?