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About as much toes and fingers of 100 people.

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There was aproximately 180,000 African Americans who died in the civil war

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Approximately 40,000 African American soldiers were killed in the US Civil War. At least 50% or more died from disease.

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Q: How Many African Americans Died In the Civil War?
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What was the civil war to most African Americans?

To most African Americans the Civil War was a way to become free from slavery. After the Civil War blacks would no longer have to be in slavery, and this is why many African Americans signed up to fight for the Union army. They found this war as an opportunity to have rights, and become a citizen. African Americans fought to show that they did have loyalty to the North.

How many African Americans churches and ministers help during the civil rights movement?

not many

How many black people served in US Civil War?

Approximately 180,000 African Americans comprising 163 units served in the Union Army during the Civil War, and many more African Americans served in the Union Navy. Both free Africans Americans and ... The Black Civil WarSoldiers of Illinois: .

What effects did the civilwar have on women and African?

the civil war had many effects on the civil war white women lost many people close to them and African Americans often would be beaten and or killed if they where to give any information to union soilders the civil war had many effects on women and African Americans. white women lost there husbans and relitives and African Americans would be beaten and our killed if cout giving information to union soilders

How many African Americans were registered to vote during the Civil Rights Era?


What impact did the civil war have on the south's African Americans?

Many migrated north and west

Describe life for African Americans after the civil war Describe the initial freedom for African Americans after the Civil war?

Life was hard because many southern cities lay in ruins and there where no jobs around leaving Africans Americans homeless and penniless

How did black codes attempt to limit opportunitis for African American?

the black codes were laws passed in the united states to limit the civil rights and civil liberties of african americans

What impact the Civil War have on the South's African Americans population?

Many migrated North and West

How many African-Americans have some white ancestry?

There is no precise measurement of how many African-Americans have some white ancestry, but it is thought that almost all African-Americans whose ancestors were slaves in the pre-Civil War United States have some white ancestry.

How many Americans died by the end of the civil war?

Over 618,000.

Did African Americans go back to America after the civil war?

They never left. Many fought in the war.