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president Johnson

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Q: Ordered bombing raids on North Vietnam?
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What president ordered bombing raids on north Vietnam.?

LBJ started the bombing by attacking North Vietnamese Navy torpedo boat bases in North Vietnam; in retaliation for their attacks on US Navy destroyers in the Tonkin Gulf in August 1964.

Who ordered boaming raids in Vietnam?

Commander in Chief: President of the US (LBJ).

Who conducted bombing raids on North Vietnam?

The USAF & USN bombed N. Vietnam. The USMC flew combat missions in support of Marines in SOUTH Vietnam. US Warships stationed off the coast of NORTH Vietnam were operating in "Yankee Station." US Warships stationed off the coast of SOUTH Vietnam were designated "Dixie Station."

How did President Johnson try to find a solution to the Vietnam War?

Johnson was given the reason he needed to order bombing raids on North Vietnam. As president and commander-in-chief he would have been seen as a weak leader if he had not, but still some thought that it was the wrong choice. -

What were the results of these bombing raids?


What was the US-directed program of covert raids on North Vietnam called?

Operation Rolling Thunder

When did the US join the war in Vietnam?

The US joined the Vietnam War in 1960 or 1955because there was a civil war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam, and the US was good friends with South Vietnam's goverment, so they helped out.

When was there huge bombing raids on Coventry?

In 1890.

What is Operation Rolling Thunder?

1. To discourage the North from re-supplying the enemy in South Vietnam. 2. To demonstrate to North Vietnam who they were dealing with. (a show of power). 3. To destroy their capability to wage war in the south. 4. To bring N. VN to their senses (let them know they couldn't win against such devastating air power), and make them bargain for peace.

The bombing raids on England by the Germans were called operation?


President Johnson ordered bombing raids on North Vietnam and Americans begin protesting the war?

Aerial bombardment against N. Vietnam commenced immediately after torpedo boats from North Viet Navy's 135th Torpedo Squadron attacked USS Maddox (WWII Sumner class destroyer) on 02 August '64 & 04 August '64 "Tonkin Ghost" attack on Maddox and USS Turner Joy (1950's constructed Sherman class; last all gun US destroyer). Protests in America didn't take hold until the military draft became hot and heavy.

Were the day light bombing raids over Japan as bad as the day light bombing raids in Europe?

the bombing campaign in japan was terrible. The u.s. used incendiary bombs which caused fires. japan was mostly wood structures, this is why it was so devistating.