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Win independence from Japan

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Q: The Vietminh formed initially in Vietnam to?
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Why was the Vietminh League formed?

The Việt Minh initially formed to seek independence for Vietnam from France and later to oppose the Japanese occupation.

What did this vietminh victory cause the French to do?

The Vietminh victory caused the French to withdraw from Vietnam.

What did the Vietminh declare as its main goal?

the main goal from vietminh to win Vietnam's independance from foreign rule by janki patel

Who was the vietminh leader?

Ho Chi Minh, who later became the leader of North Vietnam.

What was the term for the league for independence formed by ho chi minh?


Why were the Vietminh strongest in northern Vietnam?

Because the North is (was) closest to their supply lines (Red China).

What was the conflict between the Vietminh and the country of France?

look it up in the Vietnam war France did something

What country's troops returned to vietnam in 1946 and drove the vietminh's forces into hiding in the countryside?


What was the term used for The league of independence formed by ho chi minh?


Who formed the Vietminh League and why?

The French Indochina

What is the vietminh front?


Why did the US first support vietminh then the French?

The Americans were fighting the Japanese at the time and the vietminh were also fighting for independance hoping to gain the U.S. as a ally after the war . After WW II the Americans were afraid of the communist influence of the vietminh and decided that backing the French rule was a better decision wich could be adapted to a freely elected pro US form of government .