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The Old Federal Road

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Q: The only major highway constructed by the federal government before the Civil war?
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What was the only major highway constructed by the federal government before the Civil War?

Cumberland Road

What right was granted to the federal government by the force bill?

The federal government was granted the right to enforce federal laws, including the collection of protective tariffs. This was a power the federal government had not held before.

What did the federal government defined an Indian as?

The federal government defined an Indian as an original devloper of the land before the pilgrims came from England.

Before the Constitution was in effect how did the Federal Government get its money?


How was the federal government funded before federal income tax?

Mainly duties (taxes on imported goods).

Why has the federal government left same-sex marriage to be resolved at the state government level and not at the federal US government level?

In the United States, the states have always regulated eligibility and validity of marriage. Only once before, in the issue of interracial marriage, did the federal government overrule states rights in this regard.

Where was federal government located before canberra was built?

Melbourne, see Parliament of Australia on Wiki :)

What does the solicitor general of the US do?

Represent the United States Federal Government before the Supreme Court.

Who has the power to maintain schools?

The state government has the power to establish and maintain schools. The federal government use to have this power before it was delegated to the states.

Did the US have a federal court system before the ratifications of the constitution?

No, the U.S. had an Articles of Confederation before the constitution was written and ratified. That made the states make their own laws without a federal government

Was the Stonehenge constructed in BC or AD?

Stonehenge was constructed in BC which means Before Christ.

What is the relationship between the judiciary and the federal bureaucracy is false?

The United States government is involved with more than three-quarters of the cases brought before federal court.