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the battle might be won for Macbeth, however for his opponent they have been defeated.

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Q: What is the meaning of when the battles lost and won?
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How many battles did the british win in the revolutionary war?

The Americans won about 37 battles and lost only two battles

What are the names of the battles that he won and lost?

Please specify who "he" is.

Who lost battles but won campaign in the south?


Did the vikings win all their battles?

The vikings won many battles as well as lost many battles as well, after all you cant keep winning battles only.

Who lost both battles of bull run?

The confederacy won both of the battles at Bull Run.

What did Marquis de Lafayette?

He won 20 battles and lost 3

Is it true America lost Battles but Won World War 1?


Were the Persian soldiers defeated?

They won lots of battles and lost lots of battles over two and a half thousand years.

Which Revolutionary War general lost more battles than he won?

George Washington

Did Robert E. Lee win the war?

no he lost to the Union but won a lot of battles

How many battles did the Romans win?

The Romans won hundreds of wars during their 1,200 years ofhistory.

How does the Battle of Midway affect us today?

Had not Japan lost the "cream of the crop" of their naval airmen at Midway in 1942; Japan might have won battles, that they historically lost after Midway. And/or men that are today's "grandfathers" may not have survived some of the post-Midway battles. Meaning, certain people of today, would not have been born.