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The purpose of the Crittenden Plan was to address the grievances that led the slave states of the United States to contemplate secession from the United States. The plan, introduced by Kentucky Senator John J. Crittenden on December 18, 1860, was unsuccessful.

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1. Extending the Missouri Compromise line to the Pacific Coast & guaranty slavery in areas South of this line forever.

2. Used federal funds to pay slaveholders for runaway slaves not captured.

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Q: What was the purpose of the crittenden plan?
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What was the compromise that might have prevented secession introduced in Congress in 1861 by a Senator from Kentucky?

The Crittenden Plan or Crittenden Compromise was introduced in 1861 and if had passed in congress it might have prevented secession. The Kentucky senator who introduced it was John Crittenden.

Why did Republicans reject the Crittenden Plan?

Because it would have allowed some extension of slavery.

What was the purpose of crittenden's compromise?

To assure southerners that the government wouldn't interfere with the rights of slaveholders.

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