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It was founded in 802 AD

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Q: What year was Cambodia founded?
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When was Cambodia founded?

around 6000 year BC

Why was Cambodia founded?


In what region can Buddhism be founded in today?

* Japan * Tibet * Cambodia * Vietnam

When did the French arrive to Cambodia?

The French had arrived to Cambodia in the Year of 1863 =)

How many kids die or get mutilated each year in Cambodia?

How many kids in cambodia die each year

In which year were the Cambodia Olympics?

Cambodia (Kampuchea) has never hosted the Olympic Games

In the 800's which kingdom was founded in Cambodia?

The Kingdom of Angkor was founded in the 9th Century and lasted until the fall of The Khmer Empire in 1431.

In which year does Cambodia become independent?


What year did Cambodia fall to communism?


What year did Cambodia host the Olympics?


When is summer in Cambodia?

The nation of Cambodia is located in the northern hemisphere. Summer begins approximately June 21 of each year. Cambodia, however, is mostly a tropical country.

What year was Helsinki founded?

It was founded in the year 1550.