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Q: A system in which men are dominant over women?
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Were men dominant over women in the early 1900s?

yes men were considered dominant over women in the early 1900s. It wasn't until 1920 that women had any right to vote. Even then women still did not have equal rights as men did.

In a patriarchal society who holds the dominant position?

In a patriarchal society, men typically hold the dominant position in terms of power, authority, and decision-making. Women are often marginalized and face restrictions on their rights and opportunities. The system is structured to uphold male dominance and privilege over females.

Which of these men developed the economic system that was dominant from 1800 to 1850?


Why are sex-linked dominant traits more prevalent in women?

because men are so lazy!

What does non dominant group mean?

A non-dominant group is the group with less power.. For example women are non-dominant, men are dominant, heterosexuals are dominant, gays are non-dominant. The group that sets the polices, laws and "standards" OS dominant. The group with power is the dominant group.

Why can a man have two or more wives but women not?

That only applies in some countries, however it may be law because men are more dominant over women. Many countries are not yet switched the the "modern solution" yet.

Is the excretory system the same in men as in women?


Which assumptions about men's motives and desires does wollstonecraft incorporate into her argument?

Wollstonecraft assumes that men desire power and control over women, which leads to their oppressive behavior. She also suggests that men are driven by a sense of superiority and entitlement, believing themselves to be intellectually and morally superior to women. Additionally, Wollstonecraft implies that men may fear losing their dominant position in society if women were to be granted equal rights and opportunities.

Do bisexual men prefer men over women?

Some bisexual men may prefer men over women. Some bisexual men may prefer women over men. Some may also shift over time. Others may look at the person's personality or other factors, rather than the gender.

Are more men usaully hired over women?

No, it's usually the other way around. Women get hired over men

Men have advantages over women in the society?

i think men cause they are strength than women

Were men and women treated the same in the 17th century?

No they were not... men were more controlling over their women then they are now.