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US women volunteered for the military and in most cases volunteered for Vietnam.

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Q: How were American nurses in the Vietnam war affected by the war?
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What historical events affected Vietnam?

The Vietnam War affected Vietnam

Australian women in the Vietnam war?


Who was affected by the Vietnam War?

i think that the soldiers were affected by the Vietnam war because when they came back from the Vietnam war many of them were messed up from what they saw over their

How did the conduct of the Vietnam war affect American domestic affairs?

The draft affected domestic affairs.

How did woman help in the Vietnam War Effort?

Primarily as nurses.

How did women serve in the military during the Vietnam war?

as nurses

To what capacity did women serve in the Vietnam war?

As in WW2 and the Korean War, Women primarily served as nurses during the Vietnam War.

What were the American tactic's in the Vietnam war?

what were the american tactics in the vietnam war

How where nurses affected by World War 1?

they dint tell me!!

Compare and contrast the Vietnam war and the American war?

Most people know what the Vietnam War is; what is the American War?

What is the Vietnam Womens Memorial?

The Vietnam Womens Memorial is one of the three parts that make up the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; it is a statue consisting of two nurses (most women in the Vietnam War were nurses, making these nurses a symbol) and an injured man in one of the nurse's arms.

How was the us affected after the Vietnam war?

The United States was affected by the Vietnam War in many ways. The Vietnam War led to veterans coming home ill from the exposure to agent orange, ptsd, and addictions. The country as a whole was affected by a negative economy.

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