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To hunt, fight, and scare off things that may harm the Native Americanenvironment.

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Q: What are native American arrowheads used for?
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Why Native American used arrowheads?

Native Americans used arrowheads to make arrows and spears for hunting.

What did the Native American use?

used arrowheads

What tools did the native Americans use?

Native Americans used their hands and also they used bows and arrows, rocks and arrowheads, bones, and animal pelts and skins. they also used knives.

What weapons were used by the plateau native Americans?

stuff like arrowheads, knives, ect.

Did Lewis and Clark find arrowheads?

Yes, during their exploration, Lewis and Clark did find arrowheads left behind by Native American tribes. These arrowheads were essential tools for hunting and warfare for the indigenous peoples living in the areas they explored.

What did people used igneous rocks for?

The Native Americans used the Igneous rock Obsidian as arrowheads. Granite is used as countertops and sculptures.

What are some weapons for the Navajo native Americans?

spears, arrowheads, rocks.

Things Native Americans make?

Native Americans mack bracelets arrowheads baskets out of animal bones

Did native Americans use marble for arrowheads?

No, marble is difficult to find, almost impossible to shape and it does not hold a sharp edge. Flint, obsidian and chert are the main types of stone used for arrowheads - most tribes ceased production of such arrowheads as soon as white traders offered metal ones instead.

Where can you look for Indian Arrowheads in Central IL?

you can find Indian arrowheads in India ////// you must mean where can you find native American artifacts? You can find them just about anywhere but the best places are near water at the highest points try looking in a worked corn field look for flint then when you find an area with flint look for arrowheads its not as easy as it sounds but good luck

What was created using animal bones?

Some Native Americans used them as arrowheads/other weapon tips. I'm sure there were other uses, not sure which ones.

What South American tribes used blowguns?

Do you mean north american native or south american native?