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The legislation that was passed by the moderates and radicals in 1866 was the Civil Rights Act. It gave the African Americans the freedom to become citizens and to forbid the use of the Black Codes.

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Q: What legislation did moderates and radicals pass in 1866?
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What did the NAACP lobbying efforts influence the House of Representatives to pass in 1922?

Anti lynching legislation

Why does congress use committees to evaluate proposed legislation?

because the committees help to pass the bill or return to committee for further changes.

Colonial radicals formed these groups in towns through the colonies to keep the public informed about abuse of colonial rights by the British government They were?

The Committees of Correspondence were shadow governments formed by the Patriots. Due to the distance between the colonies, very important news could be delayed. The Main purpose was to inform and pass information through the colonies about any impending British actions.

Are most bills introduced by Congress passed but not enacted because they are unconstitutional?

No. The Supreme Court can't declare unenacted legislation (i.e. a law) unconstitutional until it's passed and challenged in the courts. The Judicial branch is not part of the legislative process.Most bills (Senate) and resolutions (House of Representatives) never get out of their respective houses; some get killed in committee, some get tabled indefinitely, some are voted down on the floor.A bill or resolution must pass both the Senate and the House of Representatives, then be signed into law by the President before it can be enacted.More measures are killed by partisan in-fighting and competing legislation than anything else.

Does the legislative branch pass laws?

No, they do not pass laws, they pass Bills. Technically they pass a Bill which, once it passes both house of Congress is sent to the President and when the President signs it, THEN it becomes a law.