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The City of Truro locomotive reached 102.3mph on 9 May 1904. Controversy has long surrounded the locomotive's claim.

The City of Truro's speed record was not officially recorded at the time, which means it does not stand.

Records list The Flying Scotsman as the first train to travel at 100mph more than 30 years later.

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Q: First locomotive to reach 100 mph?
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The trial judge recommends that she should never be released from prison, making her only the second woman in British legal history to be subjected to a whole life tariff (the other is Myra Hindley).• November 22 - Six-year-old Elisa Izquierdo's child abuse-related death at the hands of her mother makes headlines, and instigates major reform in New York City's child welfare system.• November 22 - Egypt, Eilat, Israel, and much of the North African Mediterranean is struck by the strongest earthquake (7.2 Mw) along the Dead Sea Transform in a century; 8 are killed.• November 22 - The first ever full length computer animated feature film "Toy Story" was released by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures.• November 28 - The Barcelona Treaty is signed by 27 attending nations.• November 28 - U.S. President Bill Clinton signs the National Highway Designation Act, which ends the federal 55 mph speed limit.• November 30 - Javier Solana becomes the new NATO General Secretary; Operation Desert Storm officially ends.December• Strikes paralyze France's public sector.• December 7 - NASA's Galileo probe reenters over Jupiter.• December 8 - Jean-Dominique Bauby, editor-in-chief of Elle magazine, suffers a massive stroke and lapses into a coma.• December 14 - The Dayton Agreement is signed in Paris.• December 15 - The European Court of Justice rules that all EU football players have the right to a free transfer among member states at the end of their contracts.• December 15 - Because of the "quadruple-witching" option expiration, volume on the New York Stock Exchange hits 638 million shares, the highest single-day volume since October 20, 1987, when the Dow staged a stunning recovery a day after Black Monday.• December 16 - Iraq disarmament crisis: Iraqi scuba divers, under the direction of the United Nations Special Commission, dredge the Tigris near Baghdad. 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Anfinsen, American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1916)• May 15 - Eric Porter, English actor (b. 1928)• May 15 - Woldeab Woldemariam, Eritrean Politician (b. 1905)• May 15 - Ben Bubar, American activist (b. 1917)• May 18 - Elisha Cook Jr., American actor (b. 1903)• May 18 - Alexander Godunov, Russian-born ballet dancer and actor (b. 1949)• May 18 - Elizabeth Montgomery, American actress (b. 1933)• May 24 - Harold Wilson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1916)• May 26 - Friz Freleng, American animator (b. 1905)• May 27 - Severn Darden, American actor (b. 1929)• May 28 - Irfan Ljubijankic, Bosnian diplomat (b. 1952)• May 30 - Ted Drake, English footballer (b. 1912)• June 7 - Hsuan Hua, Chinese Buddhist master (b. 1918)• June 12 - Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Italian pianist (b. 1920)• June 15 - Charles Bennett, English screenwriter (b. 1899)• June 20 - Emil Cioran, Romanian philosopher and essayist (b. 1911)• June 23 - Jonas Salk, American medical researcher (b. 1914)• June 25 - Warren E. Burger, Chief Justice of the United States (b. 1907)• June 26 - Ernest Walton, Irish physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1903)• June 29 - Lana Turner, American actress (b. 1921)• June 30 - Georgi Beregovoi, Russian cosmonaut (b. 1921)• June 30 - Gale Gordon, American actor (b. 1906)• July 1 - Wolfman Jack, American disc jockey (b. 1938)• July 3 - Pancho Gonzales, American tennis champion (b. 1928)• July 4 - Eva Gabor, Hungarian actress (b. 1919)• July 4 - Bob Ross, American television painter (b. 1942)• July 5 - Takeo Fukuda, Japanese politician (b. 1905)• July 16 - Patsy Ruth Miller, American actress (b. 1904)• July 16 - Stephen Spender, English poet and writer (b. 1909)• July 17 - Juan Manuel Fangio, Argentine race car driver (b. 1911)• July 17 - Harry Guardino, American actor (b. 1925)• July 18 - Fabio Casartelli, Italian cyclist (b. 1970)• July 21 - Genevieve Tobin, American actress (b. 1899)• July 24 - Marjorie Cameron, American writer, painter, actress, and occultist (b. 1922)• July 24 - George Rodger, British photojournalist (b. 1908)• July 25 - Charlie Rich, American singer (b. 1932)• July 27 - Miklós Rózsa, Hungarian composer (b. 1907)• July 29 - Philippe De Lacy, American actor (b. 1917)• August 1 - Esther Muir, American actress (b. 1903)• August 3 - Ida Lupino, British actress (b. 1914)• August 3 - Edward Whittemore, American author and Central Intelligence agent (b. 1933)• August 4 - J. Howard Marshall, American billionaire (b. 1905)• August 7 - Brigid Brophy, English author (b. 1929)• August 9 - Jerry Garcia, American guitarist (b. 1942)• August 11 - Phil Harris, American actor (b. 1904)• August 13 - Mickey Mantle, baseball player (b. 1931)• August 15 - John Cameron Swayze, American journalist (b. 1906)• August 17 - Howard Koch, American screenwriter (b. 1901)• August 19 - Pierre Schaeffer, French composer (b. 1910)• August 21 - Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Indian-born astrophysicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1910)• August 24 - Gary Crosby, American singer and actor (b. 1933)• August 24 - Alfred Eisenstaedt, German-American photographer (b. 1898)• August 29 - Michael Ende, German author (b. 1929)• August 29 - Frank Perry, American film director (b. 1930)• August 30 - Fischer Black, American economist (b. 1938)• August 30 - Sterling Morrison, American guitarist (b. 1942)• September 11 - Jimmy Ryce, American abducted child (b.1985)• September 12 - Jeremy Brett, English actor (b. 1933)• September 15 - Harry Calder, South African cricketer (b. 1901)• September 15 - Dietrich Hrabak, German World War II flying ace (b. 1914)• September 15 - Gunnar Nordahl, Swedish footballer (b. 1921)• September 17 - Grady Sutton, American actor (b. 1906)• September 19 - Orville Redenbacher, American entrepreneur and businessman (b. 1907)• September 20 - Eileen Chang, Chinese writer (b. 1920)• September 25 - Bessie Delany, American physician and author (b. 1891)• September 25 - Pedro Nolasco, Dominican republican boxer (b. 1963)• October 1 - Margaret Gorman, First Miss America winner (b. 1905)• October 5 - Linda Gary, American voice actress (b. 1944)• October 9 - Alec Douglas-Home, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1903)• October 12 - Johnny Gammage, African American motorist• October 21 - Maxene Andrews, American singer (b. 1916)• October 21 - Jesús Blasco, Spanish comic book author (b. 1919)• October 21 - Shannon Hoon, American singer (b. 1967)• October 22 - Kingsley Amis, English writer (b. 1922)• October 22 - Mary Wickes, American actress (b. 1910)• October 25 - Viveca Lindfors, Swedish actress (b. 1920)• October 25 - Bobby Riggs, American tennis champion (b. 1918)• October 26 - Gorni Kramer, Italian bandleader and songwriter (b. 1913)• October 26 - Wilhelm Freddie, Danish painter (b. 1909)• October 29 - Terry Southern, American screenwriter (b. 1924)• November 4 - Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister of Israel, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1922)• November 4 - Gilles Deleuze, French philosopher (b. 1925)• November 4 - Paul Eddington, English actor (b. 1927)• November 7 - Ann Dunham, American anthropologist and mother of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States (b. 1942)• November 12 - Robert Stephens, British actor (b. 1931)• November 13 - Ralph Blane, American composer (b. 1914)• November 20 - Sergei Grinkov, Russian figure skater (b. 1967)• November 21 - Noel Jones, British diplomat (b. 1940)• November 22 - Elisa Izquierdo, American murder victim (b. 1989)• November 23 - Louis Malle, French film director (b. 1932)• November 24 - Jeffrey Lynn, American actor (b. 1909)• November 30 - Stretch, American rapper and record producer (b. 1972)• December 2 - Roxie Roker, American actress (b. 1929)• December 2 - Robertson Davies, Canadian novelist (b. 1913)• December 3 - Jimmy Jewel, English actor (b. 1909)• December 7 - Kathleen Harrison, British actress (b. 1892)• December 9 - Vivian Blaine, American actress (b. 1921)• December 10 - Darren Robinson, American rapper and actor (b. 1967)• December 16 - Johnny Moss, American poker player (b. 1907)• December 18 - Konrad Zuse, German engineer (b. 1910)• December 20 - Madge Sinclair, Jamaican-American actress (b. 1938)• December 22 - Butterfly McQueen, American actress (b. 1911)• December 22 - James Meade, English economist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1907)• December 23 - Patric Knowles, English actor (b. 1911)• December 25 - Nicolas Slonimsky, Russian-American musicologist (b. 1894)• December 25 - Dean Martin, American actor and singer (b. 1917)• December 30 - Doris Grau, American actress (b. 1924)• December 30 - Heiner Müller, German poet and playwright (b. 1929)

What happened on decmeber 17 in history?

Below are some of the important events:Birthday of the Raja (Perlis)Christian Feast Day:Paschal BaylonRestitutaMay 17 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)Constitution Day (Nauru and Norway)Earliest date on which Trinity Sunday can fall, while June 20 is the latest; celebrated on the first Sunday after Pentecost. (Western Christianity)Feast of 'Aẓamat (Bahá'í Faith)Galician Literature Day or Día das Letras Galegas (Galicia)International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia aka IDAHOLiberation Day (Democratic Republic of the Congo)National Famine Memorial Day (Ireland)Navy Day (Argentina)World Information Society Day (International)

What happened in history in September 5 years ago?

September 4, 2004 Hurricane Frances hits Florida, causing $40 billion in damage. September 4, 1997 14th MTV Awards September 4, 1997 Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Louisville Kentucky on WTFX 100.5 FM September 4, 1996 13th MTV Awards: Alanis Morrisett and Smashing Pumpkins wins September 4, 1995 Jerry Lewis' 30th Muscular Dystrophy telethon raises $47,800,000 September 4, 1995 Mary Beth Zimmerman wins LPGA State Farm Rail Golf Classic September 4, 1994 Bulgarian government of Berov falls September 4, 1994 Cleveland Browns is 1st team in NFL to score a 2-point conversion September 4, 1994 Kansai International airport officially opens September 4, 1993 Jim Abbott pitches 4-0, no-hit win over Indians at Yankee Stadium September 4, 1993 Miklos Horthy appointed Hungarian admiral September 4, 1993Mats Wilander defeats Mikael Pernfors 7-6 (7-3), 3-6, 1-6, 7-6 (8-6), 6-4 in 4 hours 1 min U.S. Open Tennis match concluding at 2:26 AM September 4, 1992"Scared Silent" is 1st non news program to be seen on 3 networks simultaneously. (CBS, NBC and PBS), about child abuse hosted by Oprah September 4, 1991 "Most Happy Fella" opens at New York State Theater New York City September 4, 1991 Rte 35 Theater in Hazlit, last drive-in in NJ, closes September 4, 1991Panel of 8 baseball experts vote to drop asterisk next to Roger Maris HR record and determine an official no hitter must go at least 9 innings September 4, 1989 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Rail Charity Golf Classic September 4, 1989 Jerry Lewis' 24th Muscular Dystrophy telethon raises $42,737,219 September 4, 1988 Mike Tyson crashes a silver BMW into a tree near Catskills NY September 4, 1988 Phoenix Cardinals play 1st regular-season NFL game September 4, 1986 189.42 million shares traded in New York Stock Exchange September 4, 1986 Claude Brochu becomes CEO of Montreal Expos September 4, 1985 Igor Paklin of U.S.S.R. set a new high jump world record at 7-11 12 September 4, 1985 New York Mets Gary Carter's 2 home runs ties record of 5 home runs in 2 games September 4, 1984 Nigerian singer Fela Kuti sentenced to 2 years September 4, 1983 "Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat" closes at Royale New York City after 747 performances September 4, 1983 83rd U.S. Golf Amateur Championship won by Jay Sigel September 4, 1983 Greg LeMond becomes only American to win cycling's Road Championship September 4, 1983 Scott Michael Pellaton sets barefoot waterski speed rec (119.36 mph) September 4, 1982 Arson fire engulfs apt-hotel in LA, 25 die September 4, 1982 U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear test September 4, 1981 Longest game at Fenway Park completed in 20, Mariners-8, Red Sox-7 September 4, 1981 Newscaster David Brinkley is released by NBC September 4, 1981 Seattle Mariners beat Boston Red Sox, 8-7, in 20 inn (started 9/3) September 4, 1981 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site September 4, 1980 Yes performs its last concert (MSG) September 4, 1979 India need 438 to win vs. England, game ends at 8-429 September 4, 1979 Iran army conquerors Baneh September 4, 1978 Jerry Lewis' 13th Muscular Dystrophy telethon raises $29,074,405 September 4, 1978 New York Yankee pitcher Ron Guidry wins his 20th (on way to 25-3 season) September 4, 1978 Pat Bradley wins LPGA Rail Charity Golf Classic September 4, 1977 "Godspell" closes at Broadhurst Theater New York City after 527 performances September 4, 1977 Hollis Stacy wins LPGA Rail Muscular Dystrophy Golf Classic September 4, 1976 Palestinians hijack KLM DC-9 to Cyprus September 4, 1974 Emmy News and Documentaries Award presentation September 4, 1973 William E. Colby, becomes 10th director of CIA September 4, 1972 U.S. swimmer Mark Spitz becomes 1st athlete to win 7 olympic gold medals September 4, 1972 U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear test September 4, 1971 Alaskan 727 crashes into Chilkoot Mountain, kills 109 (Alaska) September 4, 1970 George Harrison releases "My Sweet Lord" single September 4, 1970 Russian ballerina Natalia Makarova gets political asylum September 4, 1970 Salvador Allende wins presidential election in Chile September 4, 1968 Nigerian troops conquer Aba Biafra September 4, 1967 6.5 earthquake of Kolya Dam India, kills 200 September 4, 1967 Jerry Lewis' 2nd Muscular Dystrophy telethon September 4, 1967 Train crash at Arnhem Neth, kills 5 September 4, 1966 Houston Oilers holds Denver Broncos to no 1st downs winning 45-7 September 4, 1966 Jim Hogan wins Europe marathon (2:20:04.6) September 4, 1965 Beatles' "Help!," single goes #1 and stays #1 for 3 weeks September 4, 1965 KREZ TV channel 6 in Durango, CO (CBS/NBC) begins broadcasting September 4, 1965 Rock group Who's wan is vandalized with $10,000 in equipment stolen September 4, 1964 Eduardo Frei elected president of Chile September 4, 1964 Longest bridge in Europe opens (Scottish 4th Road Bridge) September 4, 1964 NASA launches its 1st Orbital Geophysical Observatory (OGO-1) September 4, 1962 Beatles record "How Do You Do It" at EMI September 4, 1962 French president De Gaulle visits German FR September 4, 1961 Carol Burnette-Richard Hayes Show premieres on CBS radio September 4, 1961 U.S. authorizes Agency for International Development September 4, 1960 Hurricane Donna, kills 148 in Caribbean and US September 4, 1957 Ford Motor Co introduces Edsel September 4, 1957 Governor of Arkansas, Orval Faubus, calls out National Guard to stop 9 black students from entering a Little Rock high school September 4, 1954 1st passage of McClure Strait, fabled Northwest Passage completed September 4, 1954 Peter B Cortese of U.S. achieves a one-arm deadlift of 370 lbs; 22 lbs over triple his body weight, at York, Pennsylvania September 4, 1953 WATR (now WTXX) TV channel 20 in Waterbury, CT (NBC) begins September 4, 1953 WGEM TV channel 10 in Quincy-Hannibal, IL (NBC) begins broadcasting September 4, 1953 Yanks become 1st team to win 5 consecutive championship September 4, 1951 1st transcontinental TV broadcast, by President Truman September 4, 1951 71st U.S. Mens Tennis: F A Sedgman beats Elias V Seixas, Jr. (64 61 61) September 4, 1951 NBC extends to become a 61 station coast-to-coast network September 4, 1951 President Truman addresses opening of Japanese Peace Treaty Conference September 4, 1950 1st helicopter rescue of American pilot behind enemy lines September 4, 1950 D McI Hodgson of St. Ann Bay, Nova Scotia catches a 997 lb tuna September 4, 1950 Heavy typhoon strikes Japan, kills about 250 September 4, 1949 Marie Robie sinks 393 yd hole-in-one (1st hole in Furnace Brook) September 4, 1948 "Angel in the Wings" closes at Coronet Theater New York City after 308 performances September 4, 1948 Queen Wilhelmina abdicates Dutch throne September 4, 1945 Ruben Fine wins 4 simultaneous rapid chess games blindfolded September 4, 1945 U.S. regains possession of Wake Island from Japan September 4, 1944 2,087 Jews transported for Westerbork to KZ-Lower Theresienstadt September 4, 1944 64th U.S. Mens Tennis: Frank Parker beats Wm F Talbert (64 36 63 63) September 4, 1944 British 2nd Armoured pantzer division frees Antwerp September 4, 1944 Finland breaks diplomatic contact with nazi-Germany September 4, 1944 U.S. 1st Army frees Namen September 4, 1943 British 8th army lands at Taranto South Italy September 4, 1942 Transport nr 28 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany September 4, 1941 New York Yankees, win earliest AL pennent (full season) September 4, 1941 U.S. destroyer Greer fires on German submarine U-652 September 4, 1941 Yanks beat Red Sox 6-3 and clinch their 12th and earliest pennant September 4, 1940 Gerbrandy becomes premier of Dutch government in exile September 4, 1940 Mussert sends telegram, that Hitler has captured the Dutch September 4, 1940 Nazi collaborator Mussert puts the fate of Netherlands in Hitler's hands September 4, 1939 Dutch 2nd Chamber affirms Netherlands in a State of War September 4, 1939 German submarine U-30 sinks British passenger ship Athenia September 4, 1939 German troops move into Danzig September 4, 1939 Netherlands and Belgium declare neutrality September 4, 1939 Mir, a castle used by the occupying Nazi forces as a Jewish ghetto, is exterminated September 4, 1939 RAF bombs Wilhelmshafen September 4, 1938 Vainio Muinonen wins 2nd European marathoner (2:37:28.8) September 4, 1937 Doris Kopsky, becomes 1st NABA woman cycling champion (4:22.4) September 4, 1936 Franco troops conquer Irun and Talavera de la Reina Spain September 4, 1936 Largo Caballero becomes Spanish premier September 4, 1934 Bradman scores 149* Aust vs. Eng XI, 104 mins, 17 fours 4 sixes September 4, 1933 1st airplane to exceed 300 mph (483 kph), JR Wendell, Glenview, Il September 4, 1933 Coup on Cuban president De Cespedes by Fulgencio Batista September 4, 1932 15th PGA Championship: Olin Dutra at Keller GC St. Paul Minn September 4, 1930 Cambridge Theater opens in London September 4, 1927 Charles Lindbergh visits Boise, Idaho, on his cross-country tour September 4, 1923 A Charlot and N Cowards revue "London Calling," premieres in London September 4, 1923 New York Yankee Sad Sam Jones no-hits Philadelphia A's, 2-0 September 4, 1922 Paavo Nurmi runs world record 2000m (5:26.3) September 4, 1920 Last day of Julian civil calendar (in parts of Bulgaria) September 4, 1919 39th U.S. Mens Tennis: William M Johnston beats Wm T Tilden (64 64 63) September 4, 1919 British intervene in Petrograd September 4, 1918 Jhr Ch Ruys de Beerenbrouck becomes 1st Dutch Catholic premier September 4, 1918 U.S. troops land in Archangel, Russia, stay 10 months September 4, 1916 Christy Mathewson and Mordecai Brown final baseball game September 4, 1914 British, French and Russian government sign Pact of London, against Germany September 4, 1914 General von Moltke ceases German advance in France September 4, 1912 1st accident (collision) in Londoner Underground: 22 injured person September 4, 1911 Garros sets world altitude record of 4,250 m (13,944 ft) September 4, 1908 Caledonia and Hillhurst Football Clubs play for Central Alberta Rugby Football League championship September 4, 1906 New York Highlanders win 5th straight doubleheader September 4, 1904 Dali Lama signs treaty allowing British commerce in Tibet September 4, 1899 8.3 earthquake shakes Yakutat Bay, Alaska September 4, 1894 In New York City, 12,000 tailors went on strike protesting sweat shops September 4, 1894 Soccer team Veendam 1894 forms September 4, 1893 English author Beatrix Potter 1st tells the story of Peter Rabbit September 4, 1888 George Eastman patents 1st roll-film camera and registers "Kodak" September 4, 1886 Apache Chief Geronimo surrenders ending last major US-Indian war September 4, 1885 1st cafeteria opens (New York City) September 4, 1882 1st district lit by electricity (NY's Pearl Street Station) September 4, 1870 3rd French republic proclaimed as they overthrow their king September 4, 1866 1st Hawaiian daily newspaper published September 4, 1864 Bread riots in Mobile, Alabama September 4, 1862 Gen Lee invades North with 50,000 Confederate troops September 4, 1862 North Beach and Mission Railway Company organized in SF September 4, 1854 English/French assault on Petropavlovsk Kamchatka September 4, 1842 Work on Koln cathedral recommences after 284-year hiatus September 4, 1833 1st newsboy hired (Barney Flaherty, 10 years old-NY Sun) September 4, 1813 1st U.S. relig newspaper (Religious Remembrancer (Christian Observer)) September 4, 1807 Robert Fulton begins operating his steamboat September 4, 1805 1st edition of Batavian State-Current published September 4, 1786 Orange troops plunder Hattem/Elburg September 4, 1781 Los Angeles founded by 44 in Bahia de las Fumas, (Valley of Smokes) September 4, 1778 City Amsterdam signs trade agreement with U.S. rebels September 4, 1695 French garrison of castle Names surrenders for Willem III September 4, 1682 English astronomer Edmund Halley sees his namesake comet September 4, 1618 "Rodi" avalanche destroys Plurs Switzerland, 1,500 killed September 4, 1571 Catholic coup in Scotland September 4, 1479 King Alfonso I of Portugal recognizes Isabella as queen of Castilie September 4, 1414 Peace of Atrecht: John the fearless and Armagnacs September 4, 1282 King Pedro III of Aragonorth annexes Sicily September 4, 1260 Battle at Montaperti-Guelfen vs Ghibellijnen September 4, 1024 Conrad II the Sailor chosen German king September 4, 476 Romulus Augustulus, last Roman emperor in west, is deposed September 4, 422 St. Boniface I ends his reign as Catholic Pope

Related questions

What was the name of the steam locomotive to become the first to officially exceed 100 mph on November 30 1934?

It was The Flying Scotsman

How fast was the mallard train?

The mallard was the fastest locomotive ever built , it reach a speed of 226 mph, it hold the record for the fastest Locomotive ever built The Mallard ,an A4 Pacific of the LNER reached 226.34 mph

How many seconds does it take the 2007 Yamaha R1 to reach 100 mph?

The 2007 Yamaha R1 takes approximately 4 seconds to reach 100 mph.

Why is the locomotive train so slow?

Which locomotive?The French have topped 360 mph.

What was the first car to reach mph?

The very first car ever made could do 2 mph so it reached mph.

What was the top speed of an FP45 Locomotive?

95 mph

How did the steam locomotive change America?

The steam locomotive could go 18 mph, and could go faster and farther than boats.

When trains were invented how fast did trains go?

The first locomotive was built by Richard Trevithick and had a top speed of about 4 mph (miles per hour).

How fast could the first steam train go?

The first steam train, the Penydarren locomotive, reached a top speed of around 5 mph during its trial run in 1804.

What did the steam-powerd locomotive do?

Changed transportation speeds from under 10 mph to over 60.

How fast can a steam locomotive go?

i think about 60 to 100 mph becaus in aberistith the canbrian express went so fast from the station to the level crosing i dident have enogh time to take a picture of it.

How fast did a train go in the 1900s?

They could go 100 mph, passenger trains usually were limited to 60 mph, and most freights were lucky to reach 25 mph. The true limiting factor was the breaking systems.