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yes whenever

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Q: Is middle eastern allowed to date?
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Was jesus middle eastern?

Certainly he is middle eastern, he lived in in the holy land Palestine so he is Palestinian Middle eastern. also all the other Prophets are Middle eastern too

Is it ok for a black girl date a middle eastern guy?

Depends on how open-minded or tradition-bound they and the people around them are.

Is there Middle Eastern family ep 5?

is there middle eastern family.ep 5

What is the Middle Eastern countries' currency?

Each Middle Eastern country has a unique currency. Unlike Europe or Central Africa, there is no common Middle Eastern currency.

Which two Middle Eastern cities that only Muslims are allowed to enter?

They are the two holy cities Mecca and Medina. Both are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How can I find a Middle Eastern Christian mate? website for middle eastern Christians

Is Lithuania a middle eastern country?

No. It is in Eastern Europe.

Middle eastern cities beginning with the letter d?

middle eastern city beginning with a D Damascus

From where did this vampire story start without any proof?

Vampire legends are found in Eastern European culture and date back to the middle ages if not earlier.

Should you be allowed to date a boy if you are in the fourth grade?

no, you're too young, just be friends til around 12, middle school.

When was Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies created?

Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies was created in 1989.

What Middle Eastern empire was threatened by nationalism?

The Ottoman Empire was a Middle Eastern empire torn apart by nationalism.