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Q: What is a Middle Eastern lute called?
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What is the name of the guitar instrument that originated in India and has seventeen strings?

sitar is what comes to mind although a middle eastern instrument which was a primitive version of a lute called an Oud (Ud) is another with almost as many strings.

What is a Hindu lute called?

A Hindu lute is also called a sitar.

What is the red cross called in Middle East countries?

It is called the Red Crescent in Muslim countries.

What is a Middle Eastern patty made from chickpeas called?


What instruments did they play in the middle ages?

Flutes, drums, whistles, and a lute

What middle eastern country was once called mesopotamia?

IRAQ was once called Mesopotamia.

Why is Africa called the middle east instead of the 3 separate continemts that are actually there?

Africa is not called the Middle East. Part of Africa is in the middle eastern region.

What is a Arab Lute?

An Arab lute, also known as an oud, is a pear-shaped string instrument common in Middle Eastern and North African music. It typically has 11 or 12 strings and a deep, rich sound. The oud is an essential instrument in traditional Arab music.

What is the Middle Eastern national flower?

There is no country called 'middle east' , therefore no 'national ' flowerThere is no country called 'middle east' , therefore no 'national ' flower

What do you call an expert in middle eastern culture?

Typically, such people are called Orientalists.

Is Iran a Middle Eastern country that lies between Iraq and Afghanistan that used to be called Persia?

Yes. Iran is a middle eastern country that lies between Iraq and Afghanistan that was called Persia until 1935.

Was jesus middle eastern?

Certainly he is middle eastern, he lived in in the holy land Palestine so he is Palestinian Middle eastern. also all the other Prophets are Middle eastern too