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Sophisticated,Well-rounded,Learned art and literature,and achieve greatness in many areas.

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Q: What are the characteristics of a renaissance man?
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What were the main characteristics of a renaissance man?

Renaissance man characteristics are charming, witty, and well educated in the classics,and should dance, sing, play music, and write poetry ,he be a skilled rider, wrestler, and swordsman.

What are the three characteristics of the renaissance?

The three major characteristics of the Renaissance include urbanization and secular viewpoints. The other two characteristics are individuality and recovery from disasters of the fourteenth century.

What characteristics define the ultimate renaissance man?

The Renaissance man has his foot in the door for a lot of different things. He is the ultimate jack of all trades. The best example is Leonardo da Vinci, who was skilled in the arts, in the science of anatomy, and in the technical aspects of warfare.

What is the characteristics of the Renaissance period?

The renaissance was a time when art and culture thrived in Europe

How was the medieval man different from the Renaissance man?

Renaissance man have more science then the medieval man.

What characteristics did the Renaissance have in Italy and what contributions did the Italians add to them?

the characteristics of the renaissance in Italy are, painting and sculpting and the elements of paintings in the Italian renaissance are, color, shape, space, texture, tone and value

How was Michelangelo not a Renaissance Man?

Michelangelo was a Renaissance man he was actually the best Rensisance man

Describe the basic characteristics of the renaissance society?

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When was Renaissance Man released?

Renaissance Man was released on 06/03/1994.

What was the Production Budget for Renaissance Man?

The Production Budget for Renaissance Man was $40,000,000.

Mannerist painting and sculpture effected by the High Renaissance?

What are the characteristics of the High Renaissance painting or sculpture?

What are some characteristics of the renaissance woman?

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