What does a soldier look like?

Updated: 8/20/2023
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s/he needs to have a weapon and maybe some protective gear, but not everyone does. It really depends who it is. Maybe you should ask in more detail rather then simply categorizing it under India History

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Are you kidding me?! They looked like any other person living today!

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Q: What does a soldier look like?
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What does a soldier ants head look like?

Silly. They don't wear hats.

What does a retired Nutcracker look like on webkinz look like?

It looks like a soldier standing up straight, with a black hat. The related link below has a picture of it.

What does death's head look like on the soldiers uniforms in the holocaust?

a skull, but it was not on soldier's uniforms, it was on the uniforms of a divivsion of the SS.

What was the life of a soldier like in World War 1?

it was very hard. if you can, look up trench warfare on

How do you make a soldier costume?

If you want to look like a modern soldier buy air-soft gear because it is an exact replica of the real stuff but with out being $300. What kind of soldier will be what makes it hard. If a U.S. soldier just buy some woodland camo pants and top and boots.

What does the New England Patriots team emblem look like?

It is a profile shot of a revolutionary war soldier with flowing hat.

What was life as a soldier like?

life as a soldier was scary. violent.

What is a silent soldier?

A Silent Soldier is a poem by Trina Parry-Plater. It describes what it is like to be the wife of a soldier.

What did civil war soldier's uniforms look like?

Confederate soldiers wore gray frocks, pants. and shoes and the Union the same, but blue. :)

What episode had the very first look at an initiative soldier in Buffy the vampire slayer?

The first episode to had the first look at an initiative soldier was THE FRESHMEN, the first episode of season 4

How did the tattered soldier say he would die compare to the spectral soldier's way of dying?

the tattered soldier said he would jus fall down and not look for a place to die

Bruno want to be soldier like his father when he grow up?

Yes, Bruno wanted to be soldier like his father when he grows up