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latin and french

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Q: What languages can the history of querulous be traced?
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The modern alphabetic languages of Europe.

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The querulous customer complained about every detail of the service, from the temperature of the room to the speed of the delivery.

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Querulous:adjective:a. full of complaints; habitually complaining.b. always eager to complain.c. showing a complaining attitude.Example sentences:1. The customer gave querulous comments about the price of her products.2. "Clean up your room!" my mom said in a querulous voice.3. The customer spoke in a querulous tone when the cashier didn't give her a discount.Querulous is from a word meaning quarrelsome and now means complaining, whining, moaning, or peevishe.g. The old woman spoke in a very querulous manner, complaining about the weather, the prices, the government and everything she had contact with.

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Synonyms for querulous include complaining, whining, petulant, and irritable.

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The history of Patiala can be traced to one ancestor of the Sikh Patiala.

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Linguists, or people who study languages,have traced the movement of west africansby looking at the languages spoken in AfricaBy Fabrice Tuyizere

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no i believe it can not.

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