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Her Majesty the Queen of Canada holds vast powers to be used during a constitutional crisis or emergency. However, the fact that Canada is a constitutional monarchy ensures that these powers would not be used except during very serious circumstances, and only to restore a democratic Government of Canada. Most of the Queen's powers are, in any event, delegated to the Governor General.

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The Queen reigns, but does not rule.

Most of the executive authority possessed by the Queen is exercised only on the advice of the prime minister (the head of Government), and other ministers of the Crown who are accountable to the elected House of Commons. The constitutional monarchy is, nonetheless, at the core of the Canadian system of government.

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Until the end of the 17th century, British monarchs were executive monarchs - that is, they had the right to make and pass legislation. Since the beginning of the 18th century, the monarch has become a constitutional monarch, which means that he or she is bound by rules and conventions and remains politically impartial. On almost all matters he or she acts on the advice of ministers. While acting constitutionally, the Sovereign retains an important political role as Head of State, formally appointing prime ministers, approving certain legislation and bestowing honours. The Queen also has important roles to play in other organizations, including the British Armed Forces and the Church of England.

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Q: What power does the queen of Canada hold?
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What did the queen of Canada do for Canada?

really, there is no queen of Canada. It is a constitutional monarchy, so the queen of britan is sybolicly the queen of canada.

Who hold the power in this form of government Canada?

Justin Biebs of course

What is to denounce the crown?

To denounce the crown means that you no longer support the queen's rule of Canada. Canada, as a member of the commonwealth, is still technically ruled by the queen, that is why she is on some of your money. The queen has no real power though. She is just a figurehead.

Why is Canada a monarchy?

Canada is a constitutional monarchy (this part is important) because our "head of state" (the one with the supreme power) is Queen Elizabeth II, in England. We also have a Prime Minister, who basically rules the country, but we must get the Queen's (or that of her representative) signature on any bills passed.The Queen's duty is most traditional and symbolic, but she still has power in Canada.

Who hires the prime minister of Canada?

The power to appoint the prime minister of Canada rests with Her Majesty the Queen of Canada. However, many of the Queen's executive functions (the appointments of prime ministers included) are exercised by Her Majesty's representative, the Governor General of Canada.

Is queen elisabeth is queen of Canada?

Yes, Queen Elizabeth is Monarch of Canada.

What is the queen's name of Canada?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Canada.

Is there any constitutional significance as to to whether the Queen is the Queen of Canada?

Yes of course there is, it is in the Canadian Monarch that the Constitution of Canada invests the most power in, though The Queen does not really use those powers, unless a emergency would come up.

What did the Queen of Canada do for her country?

Queen Victoria named Ottawa as the national capital.

What is Canada Queen name?

Her Majesty Elizabeth II is the Queen of Canada.

Why doesn't Canada have a president?

Canada is a parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy.While some system of government include a president who acts as head of State, in Canada's system of constitutional monarchy, Her Majesty the Queen is Canada's head of State. The Queen is represented for most purposes by the Governor General of Canada (who is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the prime minister).Although executive power is vested in the Queen (and thereby exercised by the Governor General), the use of executive power in Canada is done on the advice of the prime minister and other ministers who are responsible to the elected House of Commons. The prime minister acts as head of Government for Canada, and is accountable for Canada's political decisions and positions.

Does the Queen of the UK rule over Canada?

The United Kingdom and Canada (as well as Australia, New Zealand etc..) share the same Queen. Officially Queen Elizabeth II remains the titular head of state for Canada, however, it is the Prime Minister of Canada who is the head of government, and is empowered under Canada's Constitution to form the federal government and wield executive power. Queen Elizabeth II is not, and never has been, the Queen of England. That title has not existed for over 300 years. She is Queen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.