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Catherine the Great

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Q: What ruler was Russia's most powerful female czar?
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A czar was a ruler of what country?

A czar (tsar or tzar) was the ruler of old Russia.

What do you call a female czar?

Tsaritsa. Czar (Tzar, Tsar) was equivalent to an emperor. "Upon annexing Crimea in 1783, Catherine the Great adopted the hellenicized title of "Tsaritsa of Tauric Chersonesos", rather than "Tsaritsa of the Crimea", as should have been expected." (2008, wikipedia) People commonly refer to Czarina as the female version, but this title is for the wife of a Czar. (see (see

Who was the first crowned czar of Russia?

The first ruler of what is Russia today was named Rurik. His birthdate is unknown but he ruled until his death in 879 AD.

Was tsar nicholas 2 a good or bad ruler?

Czar Nicholas II was the last ruler of the Romanov family dynasty that had ruled the great empire of Russia for over 300 hundred years. He became Czar of Russia at the age of 26 because of the untimely and unexpected death of his father. Not only was he not ready to fill this position, but he was not skilled in the areas of working with the common people and in government. Although Nicholas was a good leader in some areas, he lacked experience and could be controlled too easily. He experienced trials in his personal and public life as Czar of Russia.

What is Czar Nicholas II known for?

mainly as being Russia's last emperor, but also for being weak, and influencing two revolutions. he didn't really care about the poor people, who were starving because of wages that were decreasing in value. he was probably one of the least popular romanovs.