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Mostly Canoes, dog sleds and horses, historically of course. Today we are working on perfecting the transporter technology seen in Star Trek but so far not much luck there.

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Q: What type of transportation is in Canada?
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What is used as transportation in Canada?

any type of vehicle, bus, car you name it, Canada is not a frozen wasteland

When was The Romance of Transportation in Canada created?

The Romance of Transportation in Canada was created in 1952.

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What types of transportation does Transport Canada regulate?

Transport Canada is responsible for regulating all forms of transportation. This includes transportation that is done on roads, railways, waterways within Canada, and the sky.

Why isn't Canada's Transportation Sustainable?

Because Canada sucks nuts

Does Canada import transportation equipment?

Yes it does.

What amount of transportation do they use in Canada?

they use a huge amount of transportation in canada, mostly on sleding on their dog sleds to get some more ice for their igloos

What is a type of transportation that begins with N?

Nuclear submarine is a type of transportation. It begins with N.

When was Transport Canada created?

Transportation Safety Board of Canada was created in 1990.

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How are avocados transported from Mexico to Canada?

Usual means of transportation include sea, car and rail transportation.

What is containerisation?

Containerization is a type of system that is used with freight transportation. It is an intermodal type of transportation where the items are in containers.