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Q: Which province has the most valuable forest industry in Canada?
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What province has the most valuable forest industry in Canada?

British Columbia

Which province has the most valuabl forest industy in Canada?

British Columbia has Canada's most valuable forestry sector.

Which province has the most valuable forest?

That would be British Columbia.

What province in Canada has a neighbourhood called Forest Lawn?

"Alberta, Canada has a neighborhood called Forest Lawn. Alberta is located next to British Columbia in the Western section of Canada."

Which province produces wood and paper?

British Columbia is the top producer of wood and paper products in Canada. The province has a large forest industry and vast timber resources, making it a major player in the production of wood and paper products.

What are the main problem and threats the forest industry facing in Canada?

the main problem is you the greenhouse

What has the author H N Pfeiffer written?

H. N. Pfeiffer has written: 'Snow sampling survey in the vicinity of Boise Cascade Canada Ltd., Kenora, February 1988' -- subject(s): Boise Cascade Canada Ltd, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Forest products industry, Forest products industry, Sampling, Snow, Snow surveys 'Snow sampling survey in the vicinity of Kimberly-Clark of Canada Ltd. and Weldwood of Canada Ltd., Longlac, Ontario 1988' -- subject(s): Air, Air quality, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Forest products industry, Forest products industry, Kimberly-Clark of Canada Limited, Measurement, Pollution, Sampling, Snow, Snow surveys, Weldwood of Canada Limited

Which Canadian province has a rain forest?

British Columbia is the province with a rain forest. You can find said rainforest in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada. It is a temperate rainforest, meaning lots of rain, but nothing tropical. What makes a rainforest? Lots of rain, and lots of trees.

Is the forest industry a secondary industry or a tertiary industry?

Forest industry is PRIMARY INDUSTRY. Primary sector of industry generally involves changing natural resourcesinto primary products. Most products from sector are considered raw meterials for oter industry. So forest industry is primary induetry.

Most valuable forest industry in Canada?

With industry in general, the most valuable ones are those that have the highest added value. That is they have a much larger selling price for their output compared with the buying price of the input material. In the case of forest products, raw felled logs would have a low added value, whereas making paper would have a higher added value. Similarly, furniture making would have an even higher added value. Generally, the amount of added value is highly dependent on the amount of capital needed to set up the industry. But fine hand crafted products could have a high added value, but still have a modest capital needs.

How many hectares of the boreal forest are clear cut each year in Canada?

The logging industry clear cuts over 290,000 hectares of forest in Quebec, 185,000 hectares in Ontario and 67,000 hectares of forest in Alberta every year

What industry came from the Forest and Ocean in New England?

The 1st industry came from the Forest. This is in New England.