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The first Bourbon restoration was in 1814, after Napoleon got exiled. Though, these Kings had no actual power. The "monarchy" might have been restored for a wile, but only in name. It was a constitutional monarchy.

Louis Stanislas Xavier de France (Comte de Provence) pronounced himself King in 1814. He was the brother of Louis XVI who had been killed during the revolution, and of whom he had always been envious. After him, in 1830, his other brother Charles-Philippe de France (Comte D'Artois) was King.

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Q: Who was the king of restored bourbon monarchy?
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The Bourbon monarchy was restored to France when?

1814, and again in 1815.

What type of government did France have after Napoleon's death?

After Napoleon was exiled, in France was restored the Monarchy and the brother of the guillotined Louis XVI, reigned as Louis XVIII of Bourbon, King of France until his death (September 16, 1824.

The Stuart who became king when Parliament restored the monarchy in 1660?

Charles ii

Who was the king that was restored in the restoration of monarchy?

The king that was restored in the Restoration of Monarchy in England was King Charles II. After the English Civil War and the subsequent period of Commonwealth, monarchy was reinstated with the return of Charles II to the throne in 1660.

Who was the last ruler of Bourbon dynasty?

The last real king of the Bourbon dynasty was Louis XVI. After him, his two brothers and a nephew also became King of France (after Napoleon and during the Bourbon restoration, but they were only King in name and had no true reigning power since it was a constitutional monarchy.

Who was The nation that restored its Monarchy 30 years after World War ll ended is?

King Juan-Carlos was restored to the throne in Spain.

Who was the king after Napoleon?

Napoleon was never really king, he just declared himself Emperor of France, after his reign, the Bourbon monarchy was restored to power making King Louis xviii ruler of France.

Which nation in Western Europe that restored its Monarchy 30 years after World War ll ended?

King Juan-Carlos was restored in Spain.

Who controlled France before their Revolution?

It was an absolute monarchy ruled byy King Louis XVI of the House of Bourbon.

Who ruled England after cromwell?

King Charles II ruled after Oliver Cromwell, he restored the monarchy.

Which Stuart became king when Parliament restored the monarchy in 1660?

Charles II, son of Charles I.

What year was monarchy restored in Greece?

IT was restored in 1935.