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Two British Prime Ministers have been born outside Britain. The Duke of Wellington was born in Ireland in 1769, and Andrew Bonar Law was born in Canada in 1858.

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Only if the prime minister is not the prime minister of the UK.

If speaking of the UK, the only Prime Minister of the UK to be born outside the UK proper was Andrew Bonar Law.

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Bonar Law - born in Canada

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Q: Who was the only prime minister born outside of the UK?
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Which Prime Minister of Britain was a Canadian?

Andrew Bonar Law (16 September 1858 - 30 October 1923) was a Canadian-born British Conservative Party statesman and Prime Minister. Currently he is the only British Prime Minister to have been born outside the United Kingdom.

Which Australian prime minister was born in Stanley?

Joseph Lyons was born in Stanley. He has been Australia's only Tasmanian-born Prime Minister to date.

Which Canadian prime minister was buried outside of Canada?

R.B. Bennett was the only former prime minster buried outside of Canada (he was buried in England).

Who was Bonar Law?

Bonar Law (1858-1923) was the British Prime Minister (Conservative) for about 7 months in 1922-23. He was born in New Brunswick when it was still a British colony. He became the only Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to have been born outside the UK proper.

Can you be the prime minister of Israel if you were born in another country?

Yes. Israel as a nation state has only existed since 1948. In fact the firstPrime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion was born outside of Israel. It ispolitically harder to become Prime Minister of Israel if you are not born there,but it is not impossible either.====================================The first answer is technically correct, but the truth is: Even more so than that!The current Prime Minister as of mid-2011, Benjamin Netanyahu, is the firstto have been born in Israel.

Who is the prime minister of andhra?

Prime Minister will be elected only for nation (Country/India) not for state. There will be no prime minister for state. State will have chief minister.

What British prime minister served for only 79 days?

No prime minister of Britain served for 79 days. John Turner was born in Britain, but moved to Canada as a child and became Canadian prime minister and served for 79 days.

Who is the Deputy prime minister of Jamaica?

As of 2012 there is no Deputy Prime Minister. Only the Prime Minister (Portia Simpson-Miller) and her Cabinet.

Who were the President and Prime Minister of Australia in 2011?

There is only a Prime Minister and she is Julia Gillard

Was Margaret thatcher the only women prime minister of England?

Yes, she was the First AND Only female Prime Minister.

British prime ministers who were not English?

Starting with David Lloyd George, the first to use the title "Prime Minister" officially: David Lloyd George (1916-1922, Welsh, only Prime Minister who did not have English as his first language) Andrew Bonar Law (1922-1923, Canadian-born, only Prime Minister born outside the British Isles) Ramsay MacDonald (briefly in 1924, then 1929-1935, Scottish) James Callaghan (1976-1979, Welsh) Gordon Brown (2007-2010, Scottish) Tony Blair was born in Scotland, but grew up in England.

Who was the first Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Australia in1901?

The first Australian Prime Minister was Edmund Barton. There was no deputy Prime Minister. This was a title that was only officially created in 1968.