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They aren't to the French....

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Q: Why are French numbers from 70 so weird?
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Why are the numbers at the bottom of a check weird looking?

The numbers at the bottom of a check look weird. These numbers look weird so that they are not easily reproduced and faked.

Is 70 a weird number?

I was halfway through composing a wonderful list of unique properties and facts surrounding the number 70, when I discovered that 70 is, in fact, a so called Weird Number. What exactly this is, I can not tell you, but Wikipedia says: 'A weird number number that is abundant but not semiperfect'. I hope that this will make sense to you, but as an answer to your question, yes, 70 is a weird number.

What five odd numbers would whose sum is 70?

There cannot be any such set of numbers. The sum of any five odd numbers must be odd and so cannot be 70.

What is the average of 65 75 and 70?

To solve an average problem, add all of the numbers and divide by the total number of items you are averaging. So:65 + 70 + 75 = 210 / 3 numbers = 70

What are the two numbers whose has 70 as there greatest common factor?

There is 70 & 140 And 70 & 210 And 70 & 280 In fact 70 and any multiple of 70 will have as their greatest common factor 70. Similarly, 140 and any odd multiple of 70 will have the greatest common factor of 70 (eg 140 & 210, 140 & 350) There is not just one pair of numbers with the gcf of 70, but an infinite number of them - take any two relatively prime numbers; multiply them by 70 and the resulting numbers have a gcf of 70 (eg 4 & 9 are relatively prime, so the gcf of 280 (4 x 70) and 630 (9 x 70) is 70; 70 & 101 are relatively prime so 4900 (70 x 70) and 7070 (70 x 101) have a gcf of 70.)

Is it weird for someone to kiss someone else's hand?

No, kissing someone's hand can be seen as a gesture of respect, admiration, or affection in some cultures or formal settings. However, it may be considered unusual in more casual or modern settings. It ultimately depends on the context and the cultural norms of the people involved.

What numbers are between 70 and80?

There are infinitely many numbers between 70 and 80.70.000170.000270.0002021and so on are some examples.

What numbers can be divided evenly by both 5 and 7?

35, 70, 105 and so on.

What is the least common denominator for seven five and two?

The numbers are coprime so their LCD is their product which is 7*5*2 = 70

What two numbers form a sum of 70 and a difference of 378?

Suppose the two numbers are 'a' and 'b'.According to the conditions given in the question a + b = 70 a - b = 378 Adding the two equations 2a = 448 or a = 224 Now from first equation 224 + b = 70 or b = 70 - 224 = - 154 So the numbers are 224 and -154 .

How do you find sum of prime numbers below 70?

There is no simple answer because there is no known pattern for prime numbers. So the answer is to find all the primes below 70 and add them together. Sorry, but no short cut for this.

Why is there no prime numbers between 70 - 80?

There are no prime numbers between 70 and 80 because all the numbers in that range have factors other than 1 and themselves. For example, 72 can be divided evenly by 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 18, 24, and 36, so it is not a prime number. Similarly, all the other numbers between 70 and 80 have multiple factors, making them composite numbers.