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A number of theories exist as to why Britiain chose botany Bay to settle:

1) Britain's prisons were full and so they decided to settle in order to be able to send convicts there.

This theory is questionable as other already established colonies closer to home were available to do this. The expense at sending convicts half way round the world was huge.

2) Britain wanted to expand its growing empire.

3) Britain wanted to increase its naval influence in the region to protect its intersts in India. It saw Australia with its abundant flax, that was needed in ship making, as an ideal naval base.

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Q: Why did Britain choose Botany Bay as a colony?
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Where was the first penal colony?

In Botany Bay, Australia.

What is the prison colony for Britain?

Sydney.The first convicts were sent to New South Wales to colonise Botany Bay, but Botany Bay proved unsuitable, so the fleet moved north to Port jackson, where Sydney now stands.

Was there any difficulty when they colonized Botany Bay?

There was a problem with finding fresh water at Botany Bay. The harbor was too shallow for some ships. Eventually the colony was moved to Port Jackson.

What is Botany bay?

Botany bay was established, by British imperialism for criminals in English Courts sentenced to transportation, as a prison colony in Australia.Correction:Botany Bay was supposed to be established as the first penal colony in New South Wales, but it was never established for this purpose. The site proved unsuitable for settlement in colonial times.

How do you spell boatny bay?

This is a transposition of the proper noun "Botany Bay" (location in Australia, noted historically as the site of a penal colony).

What bay did Sir Joseph Banks recommend for the penal colony?

Sir Joseph Banks recommended that Botany Bay be the site of the new penal colony.In the end, Botany Bay proved impractical, and the site was moved to Port Jackson.

Did the first fleet sail to Botany Bay?

Yes. However, the First Fleet did not stay in Botany Bay as it was not suitabke for settlement. Instead, the fleet moved north to Port Jackson, which is where the first European colony was established.

Why did Britain choose Moreton Bay for their penal settlement?

Britain did not choose Moreton Bay. The Moreton Bay penal colony was established 36 years after the first convicts arrived in Australia. The site was discovered by John Oxley in 1823 when he was sent north by Governor Thomas Brisbane in search of a potential new site for a convict settlement.

How would you get to Botany Bay in England?

Botany Bay is in Australia.

What state is Botany Bay in?

Botany Bay is in New South Wales.

What name did Cook give to the bay where he claimed possession of the Australian continent for Britain in 1770?

James Cook claimed Australia for Britain under the name of New South Wales at Botany Bay.

When was Botany Bay - song - created?

Botany Bay - song - was created in 1885.